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  1. I set my base at the west Warehouse of McCoy Corp and found this bug. While raining, character stands on the 2nd Floor of that warehouse would be as outside, the character will get wet, feel the wind, and see the rain falling around. No modification of map & building No mods
  2. mariolof

    Bugs Report

    Some bugs/issues I have encounterd in Build 41.14: 1.While you are crouching and moving forward, if you look back, the character will stand up, step to the opposite direction a little bit, and then do the normal stealth-backward animation. 2.All the generators I have found were in 10% condition. 3.In the sandbox setting, seems like there is a mismatch between "zombie count" and "population multiplier".(for me, it is "normal - 0.35", "high - 1.0" and so on) 4.The garage door looks wired(triple door frame) when examining by X-Ray. This overhaul is awesome! My backpack is awsome!
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