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  1. Thanks for the new update Lemmy look forward to playing in the multiplayer as soon as possible !! : D ❤️
  2. Kardeşim ben adamlara bayağı bir baskı yaptım ve neden türkçe modunda düzgün çalışmadığını kaç gündür kendimi yırttım sonunda bizim için patch getirdiler şimdi tekrar türkçeye geçip oyunu güncelle ve türkçe kendi dilimizde tadını çıkar kardeşim benim. <3 sevgiler.
  3. Hey lemmy and dear developers and great tis team, we thank you for your efforts, especially when you see a problem, your quick solutions are very good, and we are grateful for solving your language problem.
  4. Hey buddy S.a you definitely need to license, windows because I had the same problem I'm writing you step by step what you need to do. 1 - Set the default language setting to English and restart the computer. 2- Delete to >>> My computer / Local disc C: / Users / "xxxYournamexxx" / Zomboid << delete this folder. 3 - Check that no mode is enabled for zomboid on Steam 4 - Verify file on Steam And it's done bro, I can play use these methods right now hopefully they will release a patch for the turkish language soo. Hadi bakalım.
  5. Windows dil ayarını "İngilizce" olarak ayarla ve bilgisayarını yeniden başlat şuan bu beta sadece ingilizceyi destekliyor.
  6. As far as I understand, only the English language game opens if the new beta works in other languages, especially in their own language, the game does not open in Turkish when this problem can be solved because we really want it
  7. I got support from Discord and the problem is in the Turkish language windows make the default language in English and restart the computer, but this way can be entered now
  8. Hi lemmy! how to get this patch?
  9. And debug log this here 17-10-19_13-28-08_DebugLog.txt
  10. Hi everyone, I switched to this update but game freezes on home screen freezing part "loading animations" I deleted the game and reinstalled it I did file verification but I still do not get results please I have been waiting for this update for a long time how can i solve this problem, help me please :(
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