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  1. I think you do it in the same way; water barrels need to be one level up and one tile backward, but there also needs to be power, I imagine.
  2. I think we might be using different regional definitions of "barbecue". I'm talking about those portable red grills that you can find in backyards. Not the propane-powered ones, the ones that you can load up with wood or coal.
  3. The things I remember most about fashion from that era - Leg warmers and leotards - Men wearing clothes that were like five times too big for them - Khakis with sneakers
  4. You need to be able to aim while stomping, since the game actually takes the position of your target cursor into strong consideration during ground attacks. It's not just about the direction you're facing and where your feet are, the thing your mouse is actually on top of is what is struck. I'm all for contextual action buttons but I'd still really like dedicated buttons regardless of what else is implemented.
  5. I've had moments where both zombies are getting up, but one is at the point in the animation where you can stomp and the other is at the point where you can shove. In that situation it is better to stomp because you will keep him down and possibly kill him, and you will still have plenty of time until the other zed is ready to attack.
  6. I don't understand why you're arguing this position. The lack of dedicated push and stomp buttons is the primary reason not to fight two zombies up close. Also you don't always have a choice.
  7. You gotta give us more information to work with. For starters, are you mac or pc? Then find your console.txt file in the Zomboid folder and post its contents here. That should provide more information as to what's going on.
  8. I'm sure this is on the list of things they are planning to change, but I wanted to post this anyway just to give a pulse about what some players are thinking about. (I love the game and am happy to wait patiently for the game to evolve as it will) That said, one of the things I'd like to see fixed is the fact that sound effects often convey incorrect information to the player. As one example, opening and closing doors make huge sounds to the player, but are completely silent as far as the zombies are concerned, whereas running is noiseless to us but as loud as a parade to the zombies.
  9. This is especially ironic since being outside is, in many ways, safer than being indoors. You're more likely to see a zombie outside but you're much less likely to be surprised or killed by one.
  10. If you are a fighting two zombies at the same time, and they are both next to you but one is on the ground and one is on its feet, then pushing spacebar may make your guy shove or it may make him stomp. Often times it makes the wrong choice, which will either kill you immediately (if it stomps instead of shoves thus allowing the standing one to eat you) or set you up to die a few seconds later (if you shoved instead of stomped thus keeping an extra zed alive so that you will get overwhelmed a few moments later). If there were a way for me to choose whether I stomp or shove this wouldn't happen, and if I died anyway it would be my own fault. I'm not even asking for the current spacebar to change, since it generally does a good job; I just want dedicated buttons to exist as an option.
  11. If I had to guess, I think they removed them because there was a lot of clipping, and will put them back in once they've addressed that.
  12. My issue with it is that it doesn't seem to notice that you're cooking. Cooking isn't all that boring!
  13. Why do you consider that a bug? I like that I can sit down while smoking or reading without having to stop those activities.
  14. Most of my deaths occur in fights with multiple zombies where my guy pushes when he should be stomping, or stomps when he should be pushing. If I were able to choose it would be much less frustrating, and I would be able to engage in more interesting and dynamic battles that I currently need to avoid simply because I know the UI will kill me.
  15. to reproduce, smoke a cigarette and then start walking around in a zig zag pattern. Your guy will keep stopping and starting.
  16. Turning off by pressing "turn off' requires the character to do a standing animation, so if you're in a place where you can't do that (like in a car) it won't happen. This really should be a free action.
  17. If headphones are plugged into the audio jack at the start of the game they work fine. If they are ever unplugged during play, the audio output switches to the built-in speakers, which is also good and expected. However, if you then plug the headphones back in, the audio continues to play through the internal speakers. You have to actually quit and re-load the game to get your headphones to start working again.
  18. No kidding! I've been to countries that move the non-alphanumeric keys all over the place but I had no idea there were any English alphabet keyboards that moved the layout of the letters themselves.
  19. Your guy is probably panicking. Take beta blockers.
  20. I always laugh when I end up crashing into a tree after swerving to avoid a burnt out car. It's basically my signature death whenever I make it past a week.
  21. I tend to never take this trait because it actually hurts the experience of playing the game to me, the player. It's a nice touch of realism, but I'd like the handicap to apply to my character's abilities but not actually negatively affect the game itself. Maybe a toggle? Thanks
  22. It would be pretty sweet to have a "hardcore" car setting where you have to hit the clutch and shift gears manually, similar to the hardcore reloading setting that requires you to manually reload magazines and rack the gun. However, my guess is that this would require a huge code overhaul. Right now the dash probably just displays a different gear number and plays a different engine sound depending on what speed you're going, but your speed is just calculated exactly like your character's movement but with different acceleration/max speed settings. Adding manual transmissions would be rebuilding that basically from scratch. I imagine adding the ability to set your max speed with a keypress would be comparatively simple. That seems like a good compromise and one that could be implemented sooner.
  23. Obviously there isn't a fixed answer, that's kind of the point, but what do YOU think is the real cause? My personal theory is that it is some sort of space-borne pathogen from the meteor shower, which is mentioned only in passing as something that the news will NOT be covering any more due to the Knox Event. This would help explain why it starts appearing spontaneously throughout the globe later on despite quarantines. Also, it's a real-life logical fallacy to assume that Big Scary Things need to have Big Scary Reasons for happening, and subverting that expectation is a common trope in fiction. It seems snarkily satisfying that the real reason would be the very thing that people explicitly stopped talking about in order to float other, incorrect theories. Also I'm pretty sure the original Day of the Dead's zombies were caused by some sort of outer space thing, so this could be an homage to that.
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