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  1. This is a weird bug, i wonder if anyone experienced this also. In the video, seems like the zeds changing their rotting phase after being attacked. I dont use any mods. Zombie Decay bug.mp4
  2. Thats weird, for me usually the zombies behave like that after i gather them around like 50 - 100, then suddenly more and more zombies behave like that even after i leave the area where the zombies are gathering.
  3. I also got this bug from the start of the IWBUMS 41, then i reported it. I'm pretty sure they already acknowledge this bug. For time being, just try to avoid attracting too many zombies. This bug occur when there is too much zombies around you or gather around sirens/alarm.
  4. after disabling the mods, i started new game (delete the old save), then i try replicate the same situation and the problem exist. usually happens when large amount of zombies gather around the siren. Here is another video showing the zombies shuffling (after disable all the mods and creating new game). Zombies Stuck 2.mp4
  5. Yes, im using only basic basic mods: 1. Book Collection. 2. Cheat Menu. 3. No more hidden Zombie (x2) 4. ReducedPlank. But after disabling all mods, the problem still exist. Lastly, i notice this problem occur when high population of zombies are chasing me when i turned on the car siren.
  6. Zombies suddenly decided to start shuffle. LOL Zombies Stuck.mp4
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