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  1. [Day 3 And another update :D] Still experiencing the respawn as last survivor bug.
  2. [Day 2 After IWBUMS Update Woo!] [Gameplay] After dying and selecting continue to create a new character, if that was the first time your character died you will respawn as that same character in the same house you spawned in essentially giving your character a second chance. You can open, close and jiggle doors and windows while in a dying animation. Reloading a shotgun doesn't work. Every time you try to reload a small red error box pops up and increases in total by 1 every time you reload starting at 1
  3. [Tutorial] Killing the zombie in any tile aside from the one marked will soft lock the tutorial and require a restart [Gameplay?] When creating a character and selecting a new item that can be colored, all items of clothing that can be colored will have their identifying color squares randomized Trying to open a locked door and then being pushed over while in thee animation will make you hyper jiggle / spam the lock Some times after dying and clicking continue, you will load into your last character where they last spawned instead of choosing a new character and such. (Actually this has been happening to me 100% of the time.) [Map?] A railbridge right outside of Westpoint is transparent and missing a few textures. I'll update this list as I find more.
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