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  1. Thanks. I guess thread can be closed.
  2. I delete the whole folder which is named date_time and paste my backup I didn't start any new game, but I have savegame from previous playthrough which works. Well... I didn't test all my backups. Apparently last n saves are somehow corrupted(game considers my char is dead) :(. But how? My backup steps are simple, closing game, copying folder and continue the game. If it was corrupted I wouldn't been able to play... So no chance to retrieve anything after my last working backup?
  3. I'm new, so I'm sorry if I posted it in wrong place... I was playing PZ, minimized it and after short while bluescreen happened. Restarted, opened the game, loading game - black screen but there was background music and dog shouting. Windows stated that game is not responding so I killed PZ, replaced save game with backup. BUT I cannot load my game. I replaced the game save earlier and everything was fine... I tried with few other backups as well. The issue is - 'Continue' button throws error. Last played, map, world version have question marks, and error states save can't be found or is invalid. 'Load' button shows black screen as I assume my character and its location and it throws me to character creation. I didn't went along with it. What can I do? Should I post backup save? Should I post corrupted save? Please help
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