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  1. I tried that. It was the first suggestion when I googled how to fix problems with the game (At first my mouse would not show up in game when I fullscreened the game). But if I run the game at any resolution other than 4k it shrinks the window to the new resolution, then distorts the game out of the new window. Also if I mess with any of the video settings, I will lose the mouse again until I mess around with it for 15-20 minutes trying to get it to fullscreen again.
  2. For some reason I cannot post of the suggestions forum so I thought I would post here in an attempt to get some info and perhaps make some QOL suggestions. Photo1: Why can I not paint this wall? For some reason every time I attempt to paint this wall it tried to either paint the wall in the next room or a wall downstairs (I tried literally close to every pixel of this wall). There is another room behind the wall and it always tries to paint that room's walls instead. Photo2: Same problem. I get that they are at the top of the stair but being unable to paint them is really ruining my wall here :P especially considering I could paint every wall behind the staircase even though I could not walk through the staircase. Photo3: Why can I not paint walls that I have created? Photo4: Please let me pin these things to the top of the screen. My monitor is 4K and I cannot seem to run the game at a lower resolution without it messing the game up. This means that the scroll bar on the side of the window is so tiny I can barely grab it (I am disabled and use a trackball and there is no scroll wheel on the types that I use). Way to often when I attempt to scroll down it just grabs the window and moves it instead. Photo5: I would really like to paint these walls as well. Photo6: Why can I not destroy the wall on the right without destroying the wall in the middle? If I destroy both walls, I will have to put back a player built wall that cannot be painted. Most of the online play that I see in the game is a rover game style where people move around from place to place trying to survive or make a small bolt hole safehouse. I play a more apocalyptic hoarder style. I enjoy finding the largest safe house that I clear, and then wander the world finding things that I can use to make my house look cooler and things that can help me survive. I then take to trying to survive with farming, fishing, and foraging. Is there a plan to make the game more "builder" friendly or is the game moving very much towards a just wander around till you die style? I have watched the new videos that seem to be moving the game into a "can't fight zombies at all" style which seems to be moving the game into a just play for 20 mins then die from a bite style game. I watched nearly 8 hours of the new build and I don't think any of the characters that were made lasted even a full 24 in game hours (I understand they are doing a lot on a stream and that may have had a lot to do with it), but this kind of playstyle seems like its going to get boring super fast. I really don't feel like playing the game for 30 minutes to an hour and then makeing a new character is going to be very fun. The game has a very in depth system of professions, skills, and traits, but what difference do any of those things make if you don't have time to progress or explore any of it?
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