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  1. Thanks! Already have the game, new laptop is what I'm in the market for. Something portable that I can use at university. Helpful nonetheless, I'll keep on the lookout.
  2. I have the game already but I'm going to be switching over from a desktop to a laptop (as the title says the Surface Go, probably the 8 GB model). I actually found one video showcasing it, and it looks like its running at 60fps but I can't really tell. The thing is, not only does this playthrough of the demo not show an especially high count of zombies, but with the animations build coming up I have no idea how much of a hit the shown performance even in this rather tame display of the game would take. I'm sorry for my question being so specific, but maybe someone else who plays this game uses this device? My criteria for performing well I suppose would be about 45-60fps even in high horde zones, and being able to drive cars and zoom out fully with animations.
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