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  1. Yeah, or sleep in the tent with a blanket and a pillow as well. That would be cool!
  2. Just a thought, how about being able to deep-fry certain foods with cooking oil/peanut oil? As an example, coating a piece of small animal meat (from butchering squirrels, mice or rats) in flour, pepper and salt. Then deep frying it in a cooking pot filled with peanut oil. You'll need to pre-heat the oil by "cooking" it in any source of heat. Might give the chef occupation a bit more value in terms of being able to cook food. A stupid suggestion, I know, but a simple one. Deep frying foods will cause characters to gain weight, so that they won't be emaciated/underweight. Just a thought though.
  3. Okay, here are the logs from today's session. 24-01-20_08-16-22_DebugLog.txt 24-01-20_08-26-32_client chat Bob.txt 24-01-20_08-27-00_ZombieSpawn.txt
  4. Alright, I'll try it again later, need to find some coffee again.
  5. No I do not play with mods, playing on version 41.27
  6. Tried to put in milk/sugar with my Coffee beverage in Project zomboid, got continuous errors.\ I clicked it from the "craft" menu, where you can add ingredients into the cup of coffee
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