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  1. Prohacker

    Discord bot

    Hi! I have a question with discord bot. When server starts by using ProjectZomboidServer.bat, programm change nick name of discrod bot. But I can’t find the place where this is set up. I would really appreciate if someone helps me.
  2. Насчёт того, что бы сохранялся опыт и лут не подскажу, но вот насчёт спавна на базе это servertest.ini => SafehouseAllowRespawn=true - Игрок возрождается на базе, членом которой он был до смерти. --- I won’t tell you about the experience and loot, but about spawn on the base it is servertest.ini => SafehouseAllowRespawn = true - The player is reborn on the base of which he was a member until death.
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