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  1. Hello, where is this server based? Europe, North America or what else? Also, what do i have to do to join it? I really like roleplaying servers
  2. Just to know: where is this server located? Because i'd like some RP, but i can't find european servers (and i lag terribly on american ones)
  3. I hate crawlers, they always injure me when i find them inside the houses (and can't quite see them)
  4. I tested it, and it actualy works well... expecially if you use only that mod (i've seen some minor conflict with Sleeping Overhaul). Only one note: if you start a game with that mod and then you uninstall it, you could see some fake corpses in some houses.
  5. I'm sure it will be added sometime, in the meantime i like it
  6. Oh ok! I guessed that, but i had no proof about it
  7. In the meantime you can try this: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/492-corpse-mod-updated-to-093/ I don't know how it works exactly i still have to test it.
  8. Well, i honestly think that it's better if people that are working on the game decide what and how implement first. Afterall, if it doesn't work with NPC (that are simulated players) how bad it will work with actual players?
  9. I usualy choose West Point, even if sometimes i spawned in Muldraugh anyway ... at least, IF i understood correctly what is what (Muldraugh is the one near the river, right?). I like it just because it has a less defined "center of town" with all the shops, so you find them scattered around.
  10. That's your opinion. I gladly payed 12€ even if it was just an alpha, since this game is pretty unique... probably when it will be released i could buy it for about 25€ (i already decided i'll gift it to a couple of friends when it will be released), and since it is on Steam it will probably be discounted now and then. This is my opinion.
  11. At the moment zombies have mainly just some clothes on them, and that makes them a little boring and with no "personal touch" that would make them a little more beliavable. In the real world there aren't only standard citizen walking around, we have different kinds of people: shopkeepers, lawyers, police or fire officier, many kind of workers and so on. So this is my simple suggestion: make some "specialist" zombie, like: Fire officer: sturdy and quite heavy clothes, and some tools the usually use (like axes); Police officer: a gun, some bullet, a truncheon and maybe handcuffs; Costruction worker: some tools or building material, and sturdy clothes (jeans?), maybe a helmet; Employee: some nice clothes, maybe a suitcase with papers and pens inside; Tugh: some tough looking clothes, a knife or a weapon of some sort; Shopkeeper: simple clothes and different stuff (depending on what shop it comes from, like hardware store = nails); Doctor: some pills and medical stuff; and so on! Ideally in a group of zombie half should be standard-zombie and the other half with various zombie specialists, maybe with varius degree of rarity, with specialist zombie that have usefull loot being the rarest. I didn't find this in the suggestions thread and i don't know if developpers already decided to add something like this in the future, if so just ignore the whole thread.
  12. Dieing in a fire after trying to cook a grilled cheese sandwich.
  13. I'm a newbie player, but here are my answers: 1) the longest i survived was... well.. 10 days and 8 hours 2) I think i'm mostly dieing from zombies, and some times to fires. 3) I usually sneak around and try to avoid contact, in the last game i played i didn't found any baseball bat so i had to use a golf club (that is as tiring, but it does much lesser damage, it was quite a nightmare killing a single zombie each time). 4) At first i ran away as soon as i heard the allarms, but then i activated like 3 of them in a row attracting only 3 or 4 zombie each time, and stopped running away. I died the next time, when the allarm called about 10 / 15 zombies (i also managed to ran away, but i was in such a bad shape that i bled out before i could bandage all injuries).
  14. Honestly, i hope that NPC could be disabled in multiplayer... that will makes for a much more intresting and "personal" game experience. If you want to form a group and lead, you'll have to deal with real people! (i wonder if there will be some big persistent servers)
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