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  1. With the animations update coming, the models of characters are being overhauled and with this comes many more possibilities for modding. For people who play RP servers for example some of us play older characters or teenage characters and yet the models of the default characters generally don't seem to be able to reflect this, rather being more suited toward the default 27 year old character the info button denotes. So will it be possible to mod such types of characters into the game, and have them be selectable? It would probably be a lot of work as they would need their own animations, and maybe their own accompanying traits .(e.g - old people get weakness/lower strength, reduced stamina, unfit etc. as a tradeoff, and maybe the benefit being something like an 'experienced,' multiplier that adds up onto all your skills, or maybe only the occupational ones) Perhaps the menu would look something like this? I'm no modder so I don't know what the inner workings of how to do this stuff is like, but it'd be awesome to have.
  2. Title says it all. In the game's current stage this would probably be best for multiplayer, but some hand to hand combat along the lines of punching, and maybe kicking etc. would be cool, especially in RP circumstances. Also when NPCs come I suppose it could be used to settle disputes with people you don't have the best of relations with in your group or shake people down without lethal force (provided you don't go that far). Might give some more use to the brawler trait.
  3. Fritz

    More Math(s)

    Well this must have been the first exceedingly spectacular Thursdoid I've seen in a while, in that I'm really feeling hyped for this update now more than ever. The culmination of months of work on animations certainly seems to have paid off. A few things I found noteworthy: I'm finding the behind the scenes math that goes into this very fascinating in of itself, I usually come to think of game development from a player's point of view to just be a bunch of neckbeards sitting at a desk on a caffeine rush at 2 AM writing lines of code, and maybe it is that to some extent, but going back to the 'Advanced Zedonometry,' seeing the amount of thought that goes into making stuff like this really puts things into perspective. That new rifle looks and sounds great. All in all the game is that much fuller and more complete with this underway. Looking forward to IWBUMS!
  4. Fritz

    Dead Zone RP

    Great to see a new RP server - hopefully it takes off, I'll try checking it out. @ZonaryQuasar A server whitelist essentially is a way of approving certain players to join, rather than letting anyone. This generally stops trolls from joining, which is especially important in RP servers as people who aren't there to RP, or don't understand RP can come in and stir up trouble. Usually servers make you apply to ensure you understand the rules and whatnot, and then your desired username and password are keyed into a file in the server that allows you to join.
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