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  1. Thanks for the quick responses Ringo. It really helps me.
  2. After watching a few tutorials, and reading others (I won't be mixing tutorial instructions, just trying to get a familiarity with this before I follow your tutorial) I have a few questions. 1. When saving a .png in paint.net, the option save in 32, 16, or 8-bit as well as messing with dithering level and transparency threshold pop up. What should these bet set to? 2. Do I need to make a zombie spawn map if I plan on not having any zombies spawn in the cell? 3. Is it possible to extract cells from the map to edit them? 4. Is the reason custom maps have to be minimum of one cell in size a WorldEd limitation or a game limitation? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if there will be problems with overlaying a custom cell into coordinates where multiple cells will intersect with it. For example, if I plop my cell into a zone where there is nothing but vegetation, will this break the game if multiple cells intersect where I choose to impose my custom cell? Or are we limited to replacing a cell itself? All the tutorials I've seen so far are not clear if a custom cell has to replace an entire cell or if we can offset the coordinates so it can be plopped anywhere on the world map.
  3. Thank you, Ringo. Love your game, by the way. Best Steam purchase I've made in a long time. Planning on getting another copy for my girlfriend so we can LAN it up. I want to make our house for it so we can survive the horde together. The first gift I ever got for her was The Zombie Survival Guide. We'll put it to use.
  4. So do maps I create get added to the edges of the game map? Or can we impose them over parts of the official map? I'd like to add a property to Muldraugh itself. Including a driveway. Is this possible?
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