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    Hello! I would like to see the "MOD \ MODE" Scenario, you all say that it is already a long time ago, BUT! It is not what it should be, namely: @: * I would like to see "PASSAGE MODE", so that the game itself would dictate the rules in the passage (!!! That the players themselves could create the SCENARIO \ EDITOR !!!) that to reach the GOAL \ FINISH, to get through. And not just stupid and endlessly survive. If my thought is not very clear about what I am, then after I write now, then you will understand everything that was written earlier. Let's start! @ *** I mean that it would be possible to PASS through, from point A to point B, that the game would have an end not only if you die, but also if you survive. It would be cool to recreate any scenes from the movie where the heroes were saved. I know that there is no place for Happy Endu in PZ, the game initially prepared Us for smeri, but to see such a regime would be very pleasant. Personally, it’s boring to just survive, and it would be interesting, and not alone would I be interested, I am sure of it. Thank you for reading my post!