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  1. Hello, I have try to install on Nitrado project zomboid server but since we launch the server we were not able to connect because the server can't load the map and finish on time out. Here the log : https://pastebin.com/k4wfTGeu If someone can help please and tell me if something is wrong on the map or it's the server have a problem thank you
  2. Hi, After many times, i don't figure out to make the loot respawn on the server even the option is active. There is the lines i have done to make it (if i'm not wrong with it) : SandboxVars.lua : LootRespawn = 4, SeenHoursPreventLootRespawn = 0, servertest.ini : HoursForLootRespawn=0 I would like the loot respawn every month on the server. We are 10 players we need absolutly the loot to get back ammo, tools etc. I attach you the file if you want to check it : Thank you for your help ! se
  3. Hello, I rent a small VPS from Nitrado and i don't have any command Invit on my server dashboard to send admin command etc. I got only the log txt. i should be able to connect to the server with Rcon but how to use it ? where to find the programm ? Nitrado don't know anything about Thanks
  4. Hello, I have some troubles to setup correctly the option i want on the server. I would like the possibility to : (correct it if i'm wrong plz) Activate the fire but not possible to be spread on the map so i done : Nofire=false (option.ini) SpreadFire=false (Sandbox) (Do we able to burn zombies horde ?) Loot respawn every month IG : LootRespawn=4 SeenHoursPreventLootRespawn=0 Remove item on the ground when the player leave the zone in hour IG or server restart, but on the server, items don't be remo
  5. Fire is true on my server. If fire=false it's mean it can't spread on the map but you can burn zombies ? I don't find any setting to remove zombies corps on the server if leaving the aera. It may be possible the map is overloard with too much zombies corps.
  6. Hi ! I'm quite new on PZ multiplayer. I have some troubles with my virtual server and might need some help. It's 3 days i have set up my multiplayer server, and now we got some lags and error on logs. Nitrado, the hoster had already change twice time the machine where is running my server, no successfull at all. It's going on to hitting 95% of the CPU like it's overloaded but we are only 3 players at the same time ! ^^ Can you check the log and help me please ? I haven't enought experience with PZ to notice the issues and resolve it.
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