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  1. Okay, maybe it's not so much the subscribers pestering me that's really grinding my gears. My real issue is that the dev team would release an update that straight up causes the game to crash when using a legacy mod. And it's totally unnecessary! If they would've kept the loot tables they changed as empty tables to not be used by the game... then the game wouldn't crash. But instead the IndieStone team have put nearly the entire modding community in a position where they MUST alter their loot tables just so their mods aren't completely unusable in the latest version (more often than not, that
  2. At the very least, can you re-insert some empty tables with the names of the ones you removed from the Distributions file? That, at the very least, will keep people's games from straight up crashing when trying to use an item mod.
  3. Also for the love of god POST A NEWS UPDATE ON STEAM. It is really crummy fielding these questions over why my mod is broken (not my fault! you broke it!) when you won't give Steam users a visible explanation of what the hell is going on!!
  4. Can you guys PLEASE settle on a loot distribution system? From a mod maker's perspective, it is exhausting and confusing to keep up with changes to how loot works in this game and getting our items to spawn. Thanks
  5. Yeah, it appears as if maybe the break statement is causing the code to escape all the way out of every branch in the function, which broke farming. Putting this line as the condition for an if statement does the trick way better (and doesn't break farming). if (getActivatedMods():contains("FarmingNeverRot")) then --NeverRot is this if statement. if (luaObject.nbOfGrow >6) then luaObject.nbOfGrow = 6 end end
  6. If anyone encounters the same issue I had, this is the exact modified code snippet I've put into my mod. This should be inserted within the if(luaObject.state == "seeded") branch inside the function SFarmingSystem:growPlant(luaObject, nextGrowing, updateNbOfGrow). The code this file overrides is from media/lua/server/Farming/SFarmingSystem.lua local actmods = getActivatedMods(); local activeNR = false; for i=0, actmods:size()-1, 1 do if actmods:get(i) == "FarmingNeverRot" then
  7. I was wondering if anyone knows how to check if a workshop mod has been enabled in the game or not? The issue is that my mod overwrites another mod called NeverRot. Now, NeverRot is just a three line conditional statement shoved into the SFarmingSystem:growPlant() function. Unfortunately, I can't just delete my version of this function as it's necessary for the new plants that my mod adds to the game. So, my thought is just to add another condition to see if NeverRot is enabled in-game. A clunkier version to this would be to check if the files from NeverRot exist, but I want people to have
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