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    So I noticed that in MP campfires were a bit buggy (I tested similar problems in singleplayer yet didn't have an issue). My friend and I were setting up base when I created a campfire up on the roof of the large warehouse in Muldraugh. I tried to light the campfire with kindling thrice, but the first two times I didn't have kindling equipped so it vanished and nothing happened. It also appears that campfires are clientside only, as my friend couldn't see or interact with the fire yet I could. (I also got a nasty burn ) Then the fire just spread like wildfire, which was amusing but destroye
  2. Sporange


    I love serious RP and am really interested ^-^ Steam Name: sexually active thai food http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zombles4Cookies
  3. So you want the game to be easier on you. I think that's the reason why people want NPCs now and don't want mutiplayer. NPCs shouldn't be some dude you save, so now he endlessly grows your crops. The game is designed for you to die, maybe by an hungry zombie, or maybe a thirsty survivor, or how about a crazed maniac. Allowing a NPC oaf to go fight and pickup stuff for you without second thought is illogical. Why should another survivor risk his life so that you can have a little more to carry and a 2nd bat to swing. Shouldn't they ask for things in return like, you know humanly things that pe
  4. I didn't see the talk about "poop" anywhere in this discussion, and the suggestion didn't seem troll-y to me.I'd personally like to have showers in as an OPTIONAL thing to have a positive effect when there's nothing to do in PZ (which happens a lot for me). Like having a hot shower will keep away depression and boredom (That'll be important when those elements begin to have effects, such as the topic of insanity).
  5. @Fj45 I'm not sure how the zombies are in the world War Z books in terms of speed/mobility, but some river currents could simply push the zombies off downstream
  6. I actually found this really hilarious is that bad.
  7. I really like this idea, but maybe if it was part of a mod and not the baseline game. It seems the people above don't quite understand. From my understanding, it would simulate a week of gameplay in the metagame, and allow NPC-s to team up and make progress, and then throw your character a week in from the metagames perspective. I don't know if a "Story Mode" is being implemented or not (Similar to Baldspot and Kate), but if it were to be this would be an amazing part of it. Your own randomly generated story, made from metagame events.
  8. Normally I don't play in Muldraugh much, however I have a very favored place, which I've been at about a week now (Only discovered it recently ) http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.7569538627898563,0.11002608180093303,69.5843573769243 Is very nice. It has some issues to it, albeit quite minor ones. My positives to it are: Two story (So plenty of abilities to escape), a wide grassland to farm and fortify around it, somewhat nearby to the river, and close to some large residential homes. However, when I went there (This is from my game, not sure if it applies to all) it was fairly surrounded
  9. Sounds like a great idea. To avoid random people spraying whatever they want across the map, there should be some sort of spray-can item that allows you to put messages on walls. If people want to leave trap messages, that would be quite annoying but also an interesting element. Makes you a lot more alert and distrusting.
  10. Hey, I've been watching the forums for a while now and decided to post a suggestion I've been waiting for a while. I'm aware this has already been suggested and disagreed with, yet I think there can be a sort of compromise that makes it a large risk. As displayed in "The Walking Dead" episode "Guts" (Season 1), Rick and his survivors dress in large coats and smear themselves in infected guts. I understand zombies also rely on their sight and hearing, but I feel ingame they notice me from a far distance even when I set their hearing/sight/smell to low. So I think you should be able to disguis
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