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  1. @RingoD123 also I see that people make there own walls and such like a custom tile is there a way to do that or did they download them from a page ?
  2. Sweet got it to work all makes sense now thanks for the help brother
  3. also if I make a room with no walls floors or anything it removes my walls that ived placed
  4. @RingoD123 okay now the problem is how do I get loot into that room that ive drawn since its not a actual room
  5. so ive seen some people do this but I have no idea how to do it? is there a way to have two different types of exterior walls on a building without making the whole building piece by piece in tilemode? when I switch to a new wall it switches all my other walls with it. if anyone knows how please shed some light on this thanks!
  6. blackbeard ive almost recreated all these ill post them when theyre done
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