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  1. Yes many, but it all worked before. and for some reason on this pc it lags when i enable/disable mods. Sigh, i was hoping against hope for someone to go "Oh yeah i had that problem and it was this" lol thanks for the replies
  2. This keeps populating the console over and over and over, non stop even if the game is on but no save is loaded. Any ideas? Also despite there being no problem with this before, now none of the buildings load, like the textures i mean, the building is still there but is otherwise invisible except for doors and windows 2x version of woldren not found. Loading default. MOD: tiledef= file number must be from 100 to 1000 MOD: Looking for 2x texture packs MOD: 2x version of Farmoid not found. Loading default. MOD: Looking for 2x texture packs
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