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  1. Nah, none at all. Total vanilla server. I am running my client side clean also. I can work around it. I would just have to have someone pick up the shelf for me and I would have to place them. Once I place them, it fixes the bug but not until then. There was something else that I found that did this exact same thing in the same manner. It happened to me a couple months back originally with iron shelves but once I placed a spare I had, it fixed it. It would highlight one side but not the other (only the side that I was able to pick up when half of the shelf broke). It seems odd that a 2 tile item would have half of it destroy when picking up. It's as though it makes 2 checks, one for each tile. When one breaks, that's the one that will no longer highlight. For example: - Tile 1 and Tile 2. Tile 1 breaks but Tile 2 doesn't. When highlighting a similar item to pick up, it will show Tile 2 red but when highlighting over tile 1, it just shifts Tile 2 to the left to cover Tile 1, again highlighted red. The item doesn't even appear in the window. The only thing that will show up in an info window is the floor tile below it. I've even shifter (R) to see if I could select the shelf and it acts as though it's not there. This is a totally different area but same shelf. (Or I should say Magazine rack) The only thing I have not done was reinstall the game to see if that would fix it. Still, even if I did this, it would likely occur again if I failed on picking up a 2 tiled item. Doesn't have this issue on a 1 tile item.
  2. Pan, I do understand but in this case, it was none of the above mentioned. The first time I tried to disassemble and 'bugged' myself, my skill was not very high but I had a chance of succeeding. Now my carpentry is capped, all tools needed in hand and no where close to overweight. I do these kind of pickups without anything on me but what I need (weight). However, I did go back and check. Same issue. Thanks for the reply
  3. I run into that too. Great way to get XP if the Admin don't catch ya I'm also seeing the vanishing zombies while fighting. I just made a post on it. While fighting, ALL of them around you will vanish but they're still there. You just dont see them. If you don't run away until they pop back in, you will be hurt badly. Your swings are at nothing but air but they can still react as soon as they pop back in and will always have the initiative on the attack. No matter if you're in mid swing and aiming right at them. This happens OFTEN and for everyone on the server I play on.
  4. I find that if I try to pick up a specific type of shelf and I fair where only one of the 2 pieces drop, I will from then on never be able to pick up that same type of shelf (Book case - magazine rack etc), ever. I've had this happen with 2 different book cases that were two tiles wide. I was able to fix one because I had an extra set that I had to place before it let me pick up any more. If it breaks where only one piece survives, once again, I will no longer be able to pick up that same type of object. When attempting to pick it up, it highlights the object red as though I'm missing a tool, which I am not. It will also, while red, allow me to pick up the floor tile below it. Very weird bug.
  5. Something very similar is happening to everyone on a multiplayer server. I've even tested this out on another random server to make sure it's not just something on the server I play on. While fighting zombies, they will often just pop out of existence. You can move around like normal but if you stay in one place, you will be attacked as though they were always there. The don't actually pop out but become invisible for a short time (5 seconds) and then reappear as though they were always there, moving towards you or attacking if you're standing still. This happens VERY often. One minute you can be swinging at a zombie then nothing there. If you keep swinging, they just pop back in and land a hit on you because you're swinging at air. Not sure how they get the bite on you then. The only way to get out of this is to literally run away until they reappear.
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