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  1. Interesting. Are there any settings to tweak this behavior or some way to mitigate? I noticed if you move it to the north mall entrance it looks like the entire mall is still being cleared out. I wonder if moving the spawn point to a specific enclosed room instead of the mall main hall would have any effect (can't test at the moment). I can see an interesting multiplayer experience (kind of like opening hours challenge) having spawn points at different stores of the mall but this behavior would see the mall never have any zombies.
  2. I was able to replicate this. Seems to be an issue with your dedicated server spawn point being set inside the mall. If you move it outside the mall the zombies no longer despawn inside... Perhaps it is coded so that when players log into buildings that have spawn points in them (or in this case an servertest.ini spawnpoint) they are cleared for spawn protection. So in your case the whole mall gets cleared anytime new players come, or old players who logged out inside the mall log back in or someone dies.