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  1. Inkyiie

    White Screen on startup

    Help! When I try to start the game window opens and then the main window opens to just plain white. At the top it only says game not responding. I am using windows 7 and neither 64 or 32 bit work. I did a search and tried everything recommended: I updated my java, I tried compatibility mode, I tried opening the bat file and making sure it says "zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState", I tried running from the bat files (both 32 and 64), I tried "bMultithreadedRendering=false", I made sure "Enable Steam Overlay" is turned off, I verified integrity of game files, and I reinstalled the game..... and none of these fixes worked. Still getting the damn white screen on startup. No sound, only "game not responding". PLEASE HELP! I really want to play it! Thank you