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  1. Well it is not realistic but as I did say you can have almoust the same efect with just bringing down the stairs in a building. That part is realistic and it gives you almoust the same thing. But if you are looking in how much sense do things make in video games well lets get a list. This is all build 40 so if something is changed in build 41 you will have to corect me. How much sense does it make: 1. To be able to plant anything in any season and it will grow? 2. That zombies can destroy metal walls or anything player built but can't brake wooden walls of buildings that are allready in game? 3. How much sense does it make that you can carry up to 50 (I am guessing they use kilograms as it is not specified) without any bag or anything. And I don't mean 1 item of 50 kilograms but you can pack up lots of small items on you and only weight counts. I could find more but I think the point is there is no need to look for to much realisam in games. If the games ware to realistic they would not be fun. I am not saying that floating buildings should stay or that they should be take out. I'm just saying I like them. At to how unfair they are well you will have to explain that a bit more. Most of the time I did play solo or with friends we never did think of them as fair or not. Ok we didin't really use them much but still can't see how they would or would not be fair. As I did say you can have the same effect with just taking out the stairs and if you have enought sheet rope and your building is in a good location you never have to worry again. Only difrence is that this way is people get to pick do they want to use them or not. And in a sandbox game I find haveing more options is better. If you or anyone does not want to use them nobody can force them. If you or anyone uses them but does not like them then they have no self control and need to learn to control themselves insted of asking the devolipers to do it for them by taking options from the game. There are even planty of places where the ground level is 100% safe and zombies can't enter it if you are not the one that makes the hole to let them in. So is this game 100% realistic my answer is no. But I do find this game more realistic than most of the games I did play (zombie games).
  2. Can you say how would you want mp improved? Main diference for me is no sleeping in mp but I heard you can turn it on in mp (but didin't test it) and sleeping in mp would be hard to put in if players don't sleep at the same time.
  3. Well once you enter the building and destroy all stairs leading up to you the game gives you a 99% safe base. 1% if you get stuck up there. There will always be a way for players to make the game easier, unless the devolipers go out of their way to make it really hard and not looking for logic. I like the floating buildings. Most of the time I don't use them but I'm still hoping I will get my gf to start playing the game and I like the idea of having a safe place for her till she learns the game
  4. So HP more for killing a single zombie and FMJ uf I want to try to make a multikill FMJ would be a better option for hordes I guess. Thank you very much for the long and a detiled reply. I really love the mod and I try to try out a diferent gun every now and then. So far it was hard to decide what would I consider better than the other. I'm still far from expert at the game and I have added this and hydrocraft mod to my game. The amount of content and things to do is far larger than most of the games I have played.
  5. Hello. First of all I would like to thank you for making this mod. It is one of 3 mods that are must have for all of my zomboid games. But I am not a gun expert or anything like it. I did google the diference of FMJ and HP ammo but I am not sure what is better for zombies here? And I know rifles for long range and pistols and shootguns for short range. But other than the clip size I am not sure how is one weapon better than the other? Thank you
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