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  1. I would like that over time zombies mutate so get stronger or faster or something like that. Not all of them but over time more and more should come. Or some event that comes from time to time that makes zombies go crazy. But all that should be optional as it could mess up the game for some people. But the devolipers did say no special infected so I don't think zombies will be main threat for end game
  2. So HP more for killing a single zombie and FMJ uf I want to try to make a multikill FMJ would be a better option for hordes I guess. Thank you very much for the long and a detiled reply. I really love the mod and I try to try out a diferent gun every now and then. So far it was hard to decide what would I consider better than the other. I'm still far from expert at the game and I have added this and hydrocraft mod to my game. The amount of content and things to do is far larger than most of the games I have played.
  3. Hello. First of all I would like to thank you for making this mod. It is one of 3 mods that are must have for all of my zomboid games. But I am not a gun expert or anything like it. I did google the diference of FMJ and HP ammo but I am not sure what is better for zombies here? And I know rifles for long range and pistols and shootguns for short range. But other than the clip size I am not sure how is one weapon better than the other? Thank you
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