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  1. Well why would they lie. Maybe they don't know the whole thing and goverment did fill in the holes as they see fit. Or they would never let a person who says something diferent than they want them to say to go on the air and speek about it. But we are not a sole survivor in the world. Comapared to the world only a small area is infected. It just that we are that lucky to be in that area when shit happend. And we are not a sole survivor in that area. Not sure about you but I got lots of meta events where I got gun fire in the distance or screams and stuff like that. As far as when the game really starts and the conditions I don't know. I didn't really google or care that much to be honest. This is all just how I am explaing it to myself.
  2. Well as fat as tv and radio you can explain it like this. Do reporters in Germany always tell the truth? I mean would it be hard to think the goverment would want to cover up something they did mess up of did mass murder or something like that? I would not be suprised if the goverment manipulated the media to keep the panic and rioting under control. If the media started to warn people in time more people would got out in time and some of them could be infected an dspred the viruse to a larder area. So the goverment tells you it is not as bad as it looks like until they are readdy to have things under control. I it a horroble thing to do but from their point it is not hard to understand that they wanted to contain the problem rather than risk thw whole world.
  3. Don't worry your english is just fine. Well you have to realize that the moment we start we are already in quarantine. There are borders on the map we can't cross as I guess there is a giant wall out there. So by the time we start playing the goverment had the time to put that huge ass wall there and that would take some time even if they started with the first zombie. I never really listen to radio or tv in game. I did always have something to do But some people didn't belive in the threat and maybe they did think it was a goverment conspiracy and just decided to go to work so the spiffo guy was him. As for others. If I did know me and my gf are infected and there is no way to save ourselves I would want to spend every last second with her. Maybe even make love for one last time. The world is ending and everyone you know and love is going to die so people get emotiaonal. Or a party well if you have no one or something like that people would throw end of the world party. I mean you are all dead anyway. Why not go out with the blast? But as I did say I did never really listen to the tv or radio or know any offical story if there is one. This is just how I explain things. I could be wrong and way off but they make sense to me.
  4. Well the question is what do you consider inital outbreak. The firs ever zombie or the time they realized the zombies are a threat and out of control. I go with the second one as I would not call a few zombies an outbreak. But english is not my native language so it could be my lack of understanding. But if you follow that logic it would be normal that most of the people would already pack things up or that the stores would close or be looted by some people that ware following the situation and wanted to be prepared. There are survivor houses that have lots of loot. Some families didn't preapare and did eat all the food they did have at home and then just realized what position there are in. If you take a 100 people and put them in the same situation they could all react in diferent ways so for me it is not that hard to think anything could happen in a situation like that. And you did say that you understand that it is a game and optimization. If you understand that games need balancing then where is the problem? I mean if you want to look for things that would not make sense in real life you could find at leat 10 if not a 100 things wrong with project zomboid or any other game out there. The best realizam is real life. Grafics are great but gameplay kinda sucks for most people so they turn to games
  5. They need to add hug the most zombies challenge.
  6. I like to use mods that expand the game map or change it a bit. So I was wondering will there be some changes to the map so I know what mods I can and can't use anymore. Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me the location of antique oven. I am in west point. And as for info I did hear it will never burn down your base. Is that true?
  8. Thank you. Didin't know I could click on them while in admin
  9. Not sure how did I miss that. Can you tell me how?
  10. I was wondering how do I give and or remove admin powers to a friend? I am the host and it is easy for me to get adimn powers but not sure what command to use to give him and later remove the admin powers. I did see "setaccesslevel PlayerName admin" He died to some bug (at least he told me that and I have no reason not to trust him) and want him to have his skills back. Is that corect? And how do I remove them? And are there any other useful admin commands?
  11. So we will have the option in staying in that as long as we want? (Till mods update)
  12. Just your luck I guess. I did go for few weeks without rain. You can set in sandbox setings to have less rain
  13. Some furnuture yes. Like file cabinets. It will not make door harder to take down but once they do they will have one more thing to pass. Not 100% sure what can and can't be used to block them.
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