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  1. Hello peeps! I've been working on a working M113 APC mod for a while. This is its current progress! All variants aren't actually shown, because there wouldn't be too much of a point to showing off all 30. The sub-variants are all just different serial numbers to basically guarantee that no two M113s are the same. 15x Plain Olive 5x Woodland 4x Medevac The Woodland Medevac and the skins with inscriptions have only one copy. Another thing: A major concern is how useful will the APC actually be. The answer is very. The player is unable to be attacked by zombies, and even gunfire! Shooting at a player in the M113A1 will be greeted with a "clunk" as the damage is negated. However, M113s will suffer from very very high skill requirement to maintain, special parts, low top speed, somewhat high fuel consumption, and lots of injury to occupants upon a collision. They also spawn with some nice loot in them...
  2. So, I messed around with the "loadStaticZomboidModel" for the wheels, and that worked. Oddly enough, if I didn't add the complete path to the textures folder, the game hung up on game load. However, I did get the wheels fixed! A question I do have is if I can do off with the metallic effect that's on the body. Military vehicles are matte, and well, metallic wood is my favorite. After that, it's just tuning the thing to feel like a truck.
  3. Thank you! I’ll do those changes when I can and get back to you when I’m done. Glad to know there’s a solution. By any chance is there a hunk of documentation for future reference?
  4. So yesterday I decided to get into modding Project Zomboid, and I got my lovely vehicle ingame. However, there's a strange issue where things like glass and rust is showing up on my custom wheels. (yeah the right wheels are inverted, one thing at a time lol) The code I use to load the models is as follows: And another small mildly unrelated non-issue I have, whenever I export a model and convert it to its .txt counterpart, the UV map gets flipped vertically. This isn't a huge problem, it's just a minor inconvenience. Is there a solution to this besides flipping my textures vertically as well?
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