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  1. Reesth

    metalworking bug

    no mods installed, we had almost triplecheck at least
  2. Reesth

    metalworking bug

    Hi, i am hosting a coop game with my friend and all of the sudden he can't build metal walls and containers. He was building metal frames and walls, everything was fine but after some building when he try to place a wall frame (or container) the cursor is red, he has new propane torch and all the materials but nothing work. He can still build metal walls on wooden frames or cutting metal sheet from the crafting menu, but nothing other than that. We tryed reinstalling , deleting pz folder and check the files from the "steam property" of the game, make him admin ....nothing work. Any idea how to solve this? we will loose a good 3 months of playing and start all over is sad at this point. Thx and sorry for bad english