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    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    If your friend host and you join - does he can drive or he has the same problem like you?
  2. pzfreak

    House with missing walls

    Can you please post cords from project zomboid map in here? i want to see this house (that would be fun going there on day trip)
  3. pzfreak

    Thunder can start fires and electrocute you

    also will add one more challange forcing people to go indoors during storms. or extinguish during storm not to get burnt. In some sadistic way i like this idea
  4. pzfreak

    Campfire option : bring corpses here

    corpses should dicompose by itself after half year laying on the ground (not pavement or street). At least flesh - leaving just clothes and bones - or maybe be eaten by animals or other zombies? That would be "nice" variations in game (by nice i mean gross but in nice way - please don't thinks i'm psycho) instead of just having lots of zombie corpses around
  5. pzfreak

    Fence Gate

    Hello, So i cannot find low fence gate (i know previously in some build there was the small gate you can build to finish your garden). It is not a big issue but will it be maybe implement at some point? (so i can finish cementery ingame )
  6. pzfreak

    This bug is ridiculous

    not melted. If we would be very rigorus to have this in top notch logical order there would need to be few states of icecream: Icecream (Fresh), Melted Icecream, Icecream (Refrozen) - where 2nd and 3rd would have the same statistics. But i fully agree with EnigmaGrey - this is not very big issues and it just make to change name and icon of the game when melted icecream reach particular temperature (i think it would be easy to implement thoug). Mechanic of the game is correct
  7. pzfreak

    6 month after apocalypse battery/car issue

    I was able to start car at 25% (i think) but anything less than that the car will just make "pop" sound.
  8. hello, Another small correction - sledgehammer does not get unequipped like for example axe or knife when get broken. No biggie at all i just think it has been overlooked (or is it supposed to be like that?)
  9. Hi, As in subject, not really big thing but when you make pot of soup from can of soup, empty tin gets suddenly missing (i hope it does not drop it to the pot )
  10. pzfreak

    This bug is ridiculous

    I think OP would like to - instead of having "malted icrecream(frozen)" has "icecream(refrozen) - which can have the same statistics, it will just not be "melted" anymore as is "frozen" (i'm sorry it is really confusing for me as well). So in a nutshell. We have fresh icecream. electiciry goes off - icrecream become molted icecream - put it to the freezer again - it will change to icecream ("refrozen") instead of malted icecream (frozen). as main thing is that icecream cannot be malted and frozen at the same time (those two states are actually against each other). It is purely language and kind of logic thing - it is not "a bug" i would say, but more like a "correction". Mechanic in game is correct - i think it is just unfortunate naming. Is that make sense? Is that make sense at all?
  11. Hello, So i decided to put this small simple guide of what i found out about mechanic skills. I was playing with this on few playthroughs trying to figure out how skill points are added and what is the fastes way to lvl it up. This is just my personal impression about mechanics- if there is anything incorrect in this post let me know - and how i usually approach this in game. Few things to consider: 1. Skill points are assigned to item per car not to opration itself (so you cannot just readd the same tyre over and over again to lvl it up. It works more like - this car has this tyre, when you move it to another car it will give you point once, but repeating this opration will not give you any points) 2. You needs lvl 2 mechanics to hotwire cars and lvl 4 to repair engine. higher lvls are to fix different type of cars (heavy dute and after sport). 3. You can do basic operations on heavy duty or sport car without any mechanic skills if you read magazine of how to do it. 4. Tools you need - wrench, lug wrench, jack and screwdriver Now for fast leveling: 1. Get 2 standard cars in safe location (you will need keyes for them and if you play six months later you will need live battery and gas) 2. Swap seats around (from one car to another one) 3. Swap headlights (yest they give some points as well, so if you have some other light bulbs from radios you can use them as well to get some more points) 4. Remove tyres and swap breaks and suspensions 5. Swap windows and doors around 6. Swap trud and hood around 7. Lastlsy swap windshields Those two cars (if you have book for lvl 1-2 mechanic) should lvl you up to Lv2 allowing you to hotwire cars. From now on is downhill. Just get one more car - ergo you have 4 more operations (you just have to keep track of this). What i mean by that is if you have 2 cars you can swap part from car on to car 2 and thats it. If you have 3 cars you can swap parts: from car 1 to car 2 and 3 (2operations) from car 2 to car 1 and 3 (2operations) from car 3 to car 1 and 2 (2operations) giving total of 6 operations instead of 2. one more car and you have 12 operations: car 1 - to car 2,3,4 (3 operations) car 2 - to car 1,3,4 (3 operations) car 3 - to car 1,2,4 (3 operations) car 4 - to car 1,2,3 (3 operations) This should allow you to get to lvl 4 easly having just 4 cars in place (and 2 keys, othr 2 you can hotwire) After that you can drop cars on a side and loot engine and fix most of the cars slowly lelving this up. Hope it helps
  12. pzfreak

    This bug is ridiculous

    In my opinion it actually make sens. Fresh frozen icecream has bonus. When you melt it and then freeze again it will not be the same. Icecream seperate layers ( icecrwam made from cream not water) and it make just this gross frozen pulp. Plus it is harder to eat. You cannot refreeze icecream fully melted icecram in real life ( plus it is very dangerous cause cream from icecream can go off and you will not feel it when eat refrozen icecream). In game you will not get fresh icecream after freezing ( no bonus to unhappines) just eadable food.
  13. That would be hardcore - giving chance to fall of the rope. I like it. Yeah it would be impossible to secure rope by 1 nail in real life. I think that idea was to be "difficult but doable". There is not enpugh items in game it make it "real", and it would need to be balanced. Hmm a lot things to consider but pverall i agree - it sounds like interesting idea
  14. That is true however you would need to know how to tie this knot not to fall down. Maybe a skillbook? Giving opportunity to tie sheets without hammer and nail at some point. Whole idea about requirements are to make more difficult first few days - especially on hardcore. But having this as optional for later game could be quite interesting - and free up some space in backpack
  15. Hello fellow players. I think it might be nice addition to make - when zombie bites you and infect you the wound should not heal. It will give you a heads up of what is going on and might remove confusion of "why my character feel worse and worse and die but he is not wounded or anything). I had this situation yesterday - my character died without clear reason. My suspects : Dog food(he had weak stomach trait) He slept in storage room with 1 dead body in (4 hours) He had been scratched once (wound healed) He buried 40 corpses (but he has not been sick after that). I assumed that this healed scratch killed him.
  16. pzfreak

    Compass Item

    I fully support idea of compass. plus people will actually learn how to use it (you cant imagine how many people cannot use compass in real life). also it will allow you to write instructions for other player on piece of paper ( from position x travel 2min south east after 5min south after 15 min west - we are there). Which will make kind of nice urban game for everyone. (nd yes when you have clock you can use time as distance so there you go)
  17. pzfreak

    A greenhouse

    Dropping some frsh air to old thread. Did anyone got this working? Is anyone out there?
  18. pzfreak


    True that. but it should start with "obey gravity" mod added to game - or equivalent
  19. pzfreak

    Saw - Useful tip

    Hello, So we have two possible scenarios to use saw: 1. stay close to the log - click on saw and cut logs 2. click on log in inventory or floor and use saw equipped to cut logs. 1st option - when you click on saw and cut logs - log is transfered to your inventory and than cut to planks. Planks stay in your inventory (unless full - all rest drop on the floor) 2nd option - logs will be cut "on the ground" and planks stay on the ground. So... if you want to use planks save yourself some time transferring planks to your inventory and just cut logs using option 1, if you - however - want just build up skill - use option 2 to do not carry planks around. Simple as that.
  20. pzfreak

    Idea for Endgame

    I tried to match it with "this is how you die" motto at the beginning. Of course as survival game all those things will need to be balanced (and i think they will be at some point). More killing events, harder to gather food and water etc however "dying of old age" (or some reasonable age, lets say 5 ingame years) could be this "end goal" - something to reach and allow people to keep going. There is no "victory" other than death so seeking for some particular "death" could be a long term goal to allow you to keep going. Balancing game and make things harder and harder is definitly a way to make it more interesting - i would love that, but it will not wipe out "endgame" all together.
  21. pzfreak

    Idea for Endgame

    Hello everyone, I play PZ for few years now - like most of us i play from time to time starting new game after bigger update. I read very depressing post now about "biggest problem in PZ" which i agree to some point. I thought about similar things for last few months now. Maybe it will be possible to add actuall age to the game with (random selected) "die age". Something like when you start your character will die of old age at 80 yo, or from diabeties at 45 unless you find some medikaments or recipie (1 on map) how to make some medicaments (combine at your will, it can be even 40 recipies for certain subproducts of medicament). This way there will be some sort of "end goal" - identify if when you have long term disease or not, keep searching to get your character survive longer and longer. It will also give you excuse to leave your self sufficinet fully prepared base and search for stuff. What do you think guys?
  22. pzfreak


    Me too
  23. Lucky trait definitly does something - it is my no 1 to have. few examples i noticed (it might be coinsidance but i played one character withoud lucky and this never happened). 1 - fall of from 1st floor twice. With lucky - no harm, withou - broken leg (every time) 2 - sledghamer finding - with lucky i found 2 in mc logging saw mill, withou i found 1 3. bites/scratches - when there is 2 r more zombies around you and they do whole move to scratch. Wit lucky there is 1 pers 5-6 movements, without lucky 1 per 2-4. 4. wounds - with lucky 7 scratches - no infection 9still live character), without 3 scratches and dies
  24. Hi guys, I noticed this the other day - not really big deal but might be quick fix for that. When you are in the car and you try to pick up generator from seat, while you are in the car it gives you option "equip in both hands" bit when you use it it actually doesn't do it. You have to first drop generator on tue floor and then "take it" (WORKAROUND) . It might be worth to either fix "equip in both hands" either remove this option as it might be confusing. PS. i put workaround in capitals for those who try to find just "quick fix" as i imagone it might be bit frustrating (it took me 5 min to figure out and i was bless with very quiet piece of map so i could seat in the car with no stress and test it)