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  1. Also chance of falling off could be bound to your athletic skills "as overall fitness" so better the skill lower the chance to fall off. To avoid situation when fitness instructor will fall from bike on first ride
  2. For this kind of tools it is easier to "spank" rather than "cut" due to handler and how your body work with swinging object ( don't ask me how i know that ) so hitting with large shovel lik in game is correct and more natural rather than trying to hit with edge. Edit: forgot to add that with this tools in real life there is also possible "stab" like with pitchfork. Quite effective against one enemy but require some experience when aiming to head. But most people would use "spank" like with baseball bat woth one hand on handler ( which usually is horizontal to tool) and second hand like support just above handler geabbing from the bottom to use "lifting muscles" to add strenght maikong it quite inpressive swing. Hope this make sense
  3. Hello, I was planning to add it to small suggestions but it is actually new idea. So we already have ingriedients why not add new recipies to make: - jam - fron strawberries or berries (either more fruits either less and sugar) - to store for winter in the jar -soups - tomato, mushroom or veggie - similar to jam - keep a jar and make soup from it ( like can of soup) - baked potato - (btw potatoes should give fever or at least queasy when eat raw ) - dried tomatoes - to make on stove to be used as spieces - salted meat - that would require new item - bag of salt - but to be able to store for longer
  4. Hello, As title says, does not matter what i do or how many zombies i kill Spear level is 0. I tried to attach random things to spear, kill zombies, fish nothing works. I play with mode - Faster strength and athletics and Examine zombies to get 1st aid skill however when i disable them i cannot do it either. Newest build 41.39. I tried to verify files via steam - did not work. Is it worth to fully remove game and install it fresh? (maybe on new account) or it will be in different place? Edit: Caase can be closed. it was one of the mods. i unsubscribe from everything and install fresh game and it is working now.
  5. I usually play on "extremly rare" loot spawn so every time i start i usually have an apple ( if i'm lucky). Learn the town you are in. Zombies spawn with a bit of delay even without weapon you can do a lot on first day. You have to be quick but there is more lokely you woll need with 1 or 2 zpmbies which you can push away rather than horde. Stay in town until heli and when you hear it - go to different town.
  6. You can use scroll on containers for faster check and mark wondow as always open sp when you close you see lopt straight away.
  7. I would love that as well. Also can those roofs be not flat as floor sort of triangle shape woth two variations high and low please?
  8. Are you on a driver seat? ( i know it might sound like silly question but it took me some time to figure out that dash overlay will just show on only when you on driver seat)
  9. Hello, This is rather straight forward. When you build double doors you need 12 planks, 12 nails, 4 hinges and 2 doorknobs. However when you take an axe and destroy it (you need to destroy piece by piece) it all depend on, i think, skills so you can get much more materials than you actually build it. So if you want you can just build it on top of something and destroy to keep grinding and collect mats if you need. Maybe it could be limit for output to max input? (so every piece limit would be 1 hinge, 3 planks and 3 nails plus two of them will have a chance to drop doorknob). It is not really big deal but kind of funny if you need planks fast
  10. pzfreak

    food portions

    Thx for clarifying. Yeah i know that this way you never reach zero lol but i thought that maybe get to 1 and disable other options at 1. It might not be practical though. I will keep that in mind
  11. Hello, Not sire if this is a bug or a feature (heh) but can you please change the way 1/2 and 1/4 portions of food work so they will take half or quater from remaining amount not total. Easiest to explain this is on example of mac and cheese. Hunger -40. I eat half so -20 left in bag. When i choose to eat half again it will eat whole -20 (so half of full package) not -10 ( so half of remaining). Didn't test it on every kind of food but i assume it works the same way. Is it how it suppose to be?
  12. Hello, Since i play this game for quite a while i decided to open this thread and share with you guys top 10 things and strategies which are most important for my game style. Some of them might not be a case for many players, some might be interesting. Also i would like to know your top 10. 1. Barricading - you can barricade from outside and from inside doubling up strength of barricade 2. Do not eat "unprocessed" food. As soon as possible get bowl and knife and cut all veggies to salad, cook all the meat etc. every action give points. And not forget about seasoning. In a long run it will give you a ton of points to cooking. 3. You can cook rotten meat and get exp from it. 4. Keep screwdriver with you at all times and dismantle all radios, TV, lamps you find. TV you have to pick up to dismantle. Lamp needs to stand somewhere to give dismantle option (and give carpentry sound - btw what is that about?). Parts of dismantle items leave behind. 5. Do not perform any action without skill book. . If you do not have it, it is better to look for it even few days rather than just do what you wanted to do. Dismantling items, building items even cooking meat i always leave on a side without a book. On higher level when you need few K of point not just hundreds this multiplier from skill book is essential to level up anything really. (unles you are into hardcore grinding) 6. TV programs. They are on "live and living" program for first 8 days in game at 6 am, noon and 18 pm. I always prioritize first few days to watch shows. if i get skill book for it is pure awesome. I tend to get the same shows on the same hours dunno if this is game design or just my weird luck. first two (cooking and carpentry) are the most important for me. Do not speed up time during show! - 6 am - cooking show - level up your cooking skills - 12 - woodcraft - level up your carpentry skills - 18 - random - farming, fishing, forging, 1st aid (those i know of) 7. Level up carpentry - i get 10-15 books, 20 packs of chips hammer and saw and go to Sawmill next to Muldraugh to dismantle creates (that's why you need books - your character will get bored very quickly). Usually after 2-3 days i have decent carpentry level. Ah and do not forget of skill books for it 8. Swinging weapon (axe, bat, pipe etc) is most effective when zombie at the very end of it, at the edge of reach. It is better to move back rather than hitting zombie half way through 9. When you tired - do not use swinging weapon. First it will take a lot of hits to kill anything making you even more tired, second it will wear off weapon. It is better to even push or use knife than use even the best swinging weapon in game. 10. I always put 1 or 2 raining barrels inside and fill it with clean water (from baths, tap or if i'm lucky straight from the tap before water shutoff). Water in barrel stored inside will stay clean when i will need it. Also it cuts down on extra storage for water bottles. Just make sure not to put any tainted water there and keep it under the roof.
  13. Hello, I don't know how much work it is or if it is even possible but can you add another level of amount of items appeared on map and cut "extremely rare" in half ( or even 70%). I already play every game on extreme rare everything and still find lots of stuff so after like a month ingame i don't have to go out. I think harder level would be fun to play.
  14. Hi. Not much of the bug but some weird behave. When you go down couple stairs (until groud floor appear) and go back, for like 5-10 sec you move in the dark - 1st floor stay hidden for some time ( almost got killed like that heh).
  15. Hello, So this thread will be about books. normal red books that reduce boredom and stress from character. I have an idea which you might find interesting. So first of all change "book" item to 100 (or 20 or 50 or 1000- i like 100 because with book weight 0.5 kg all 100 books will fit to 1 big bookcase)) items with title and author (easy to get this either 100 best book or some fictional). Every title will be different - making it collectibles (is someone is bored or like to collect stuff). Every book will not give any reduction until is read (so it will have hidden values not seen until character will actually read this book). When first read it will reveal stats for this book (simple reroll of numbers - will give impression that character might like some books more that's why they have higher stats). Also add stat to 1 book (or give a chance of 1% to every book) to become "My Favorite book" - after first read it will give better than others stats (so imagine running away from home and grabbing just your favorite book). I think it might be interesting to slowly collect those books (they can multiply on map ofc not like 1 each) and see which book your character find as favorite (imagine lumberjack who likes the most some cheesy romance lol)
  16. 1. Dunno if anyone mentioned this but empty jar does not hold water. You would think that you can fill it up if you do not have bottle but atm it is not possible to fill it from tap 2. Possibility to jump over the create or counter same way like through fence 3. Resting on the ground - when you take a seat on the ground you should be able to rest - maybe furniture would allow you to rest faster to do not make them obsolete? 4.gas mask should prevent from being sick from dead bodies
  17. Did you try to bury it ? I think when you have shovel in your inv it will gove you option to do it. You need a grave though?
  18. Awesome idea.i would love that
  19. That's good idea. It just make game a bit too easy. All you need is empty sack, shovel, bag of cabbage seeds and bucket and you sorted for half year in food. Setup base on some warehouse roof - 4 plots (that's why sack - to collect dirt) and seed cabbage on changing phase. Bucket outside collect water, after 1st cycle you get enough cabbage to get you until next plot finish. No need of power, if you get bowl you even improve cooking skills and not get debuf from "not fresh" cabbage. Any difficulty, unless in the middle of winter. I deliberately stopped starting game like that to give myself a bit more challenge and setup farm when i actually have base (and forbid myself farming on roofs) but still throw away a lot of food now. Oh one more thing - maybe some debuf on eating constantly the same food? like you need at least 3 different ingredients during the day or you get "unhappiness"? That might be interesting and force for some more sophisticated setup (or go full metal jacket and introduce carb/protein/fiber need during the day so you have to eat some meat and veggie during day to remove "hungry" debuf? )
  20. Hello, I logical assumption (at least in my head) is that if you improve some skill it apart of making better quality items and from time to time give some perk it should also speed up things, maybe like 1% per skill or something - so at lv10 you make everything 10% faster?
  21. Hello, So 21 cabbages from two plots? crazy. Can you narrow it down to like 6 maybe? Also seedling phase should yield less vegetables than grown phase i think due to fact that some vegetables are actually used or reduced from its value?
  22. Hello, So as fellow smoker i always take that trait to add a little bit of roleplay in the game. I think i have an idea how it could be improve to play bigger part in the game and (for me at least) would be much more interesting. Please let me know what you think about it So lets start: Smoking by itself will have its own invisible "bar" : 1. non-smoker = to become smoker needs to have 100 points 2.Light smoker - to become heavy smoker needs to have 500 points, 3. Heavy smoker - needs to maintain 500 points. Every smoke cigarette would give you 5 points instantly, but points will degrade every 1h = 1 point. Trait itself (to choose on open menu) will be separated by "light smoker" (giving less extra points) and "heavy smoker" (like smoker now). Also they will trigger carving at different times. Light smoker every 5 hours (so looking at above when 1 cigarette will be smoke every 5h your "bar" will not move) and heavy smoker will trigger mood every hour. Apart of that there will be % that you can become smoke after every cigarette. It will work similar to being infected (at least mechanism will be similar behind the scene): 1. for non smoker - if smoke you will have 20% chance to become light smoker straight away) 2. for light smoker you will have 5% chance to become heavy smoker straight away. 3. Heavy smoker - 1% chance to fill up bar completely (wasing any quitting progress) This mechanism would mitigate real life where some non-smoker can get addicted even after 1 cigarette or smoking for enough long etc. There should also be "helpers" for triggering carving: 1. Coffee - should instantly trigger carving for cigarette 2. Booze - should decrease timing between cigarettes (% might be bound to how drunk you are - so more, you carve cigarette faster) 3. Panic - should increase carving for cigarette 4. Hungry should increase carving Quitting: Of course since it will be more complex trait there should be a way to quit. Difficult but possible. For light smoker - it is relatively easy - when "bar" will go to 0 you jump to non-smoker, however depend of how long you were "light smoker" your mood might get a bit of buff (so will change faster). and it can be wasted by smoking even 1 cigarette if you are unlucky (and get chance For heavy smoker - this is more complex, first you need to become light smoker, than non smoker. Things to help you quit . The same way like smoking has its own "boosters" there should be a ways to slow down carving of cigarette and help you soothe your nerves: 1. Tea - should slow down carving for 8 hours (making tea in game more relevant) 2. Being well fed - should remove carving. opposite to being hungry 3. Nicorrete - new medicine item, very rare but when taken can remove carving instantly and reset carving timer 4. Being winded - any sort of exercise (which is shown in game as winded) should decrease carving - making it interesting choice if you have no access to any other, mitigate real life and add surprising bonus to negative trait making it wanted but might be dangerous Future improvements: Kind of cigarette - if you choose smoker trait you can choose which kind if cigarettes are your favorite - light, strong, menthol. Adding different kinds allow you to play around with a timer a bit more making strong cigarettes giving more points, light less and push down carving a bit less as well - so it can help for heavy smoker to fight against addiction and help with light smokes (% chance of become heavy smoker would be the same) What is more when smoking not your favorite pack of cigarettes would have negative effect on bar and might slightly affect your mood (person would not get depressed but definitely move faster to become heavy smoker and might not simply like those cigarettes) Let me know what you think, i personally would like to see something like that in game as it would add additional goal (quit smoking) and can give some more choices around your day to day game.
  23. Make perfect sense. I started new game with new animation system quiet alot ( well i die a lot since new animation system ) and for some reason my game was still picking up "old belt" functionality. I didn't try to fully reinstall game ( clean install) -maybe this will fix it as well. Is this change make more damage apart of removing all belts from save game ( this what i noticed) ? Like make some items depended on belt not available or will crash the game?
  24. Hello, so after some digging i found out reason why some people cannot "Wear Belt" in 41.18 (including me). the reason for that is that standard belt item is still coded as normal not wearable item: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ item Belt { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Belt, Icon = Belt, } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location of file with code: .Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items.txt) However there is new item called "Belt2" which has desired functionality: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ item Belt2 { Weight = 0.3, Type = Clothing, DisplayName = Belt, Icon = Belt, BodyLocation = Belt, ClothingItem = Belt, AttachmentsProvided = SmallBeltRight;SmallBeltLeft, } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: .Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\clothing\clothing_others.txt Below there is dirty trick to add this to game - but make sure you understand what you are doing as replacing source code is highly not recommended. There is a way to temporarily fix it until Devs (god bless you guys for all the hard work you have done with this game btw.) however it is a bit risky and for current saves (if you are like me and do not want to loose character) there need to be additional step. 1.st of all backup files "items.txt" "clothing_others.txt" 2. replace code in items folder copying all code from "belt2" and replace code in "Belt" - THIS WILL REMOVE ALL BELTS FROM EXISTING SAVE GAME - so if you want to do it on some save you need to add recipe to "make Belt" from something, like this: recipe Belt { Newspaper, Result:Belt, Time:80.0, Category:Survivalist, } In this case from newspaper. this code needs to be added to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\recipes.txt (backup this file first too) When you make new belt it will have all functionality of standard belts with 2 slots in hotbar. Hope it helps
  25. Farming: indoor farming - gives time boost for indoor plants and expand time for outdoor ones outdoor farming - boos to time outdoor and extend indoor 1st Aid: Heal others Heal yourself Mechanics: faster swapping parts for stnadard or heavy duty or sport cars Forging: 1. better food 2. better materials find
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