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  1. Were there any plans to give the map tools an update in the near or distant future?
  2. I guess I figured it out. If anybody is wondering: I noticed the "0_" prefix on all the layers (on the layers tab). If you make new tile layer, and rename the prefix to "1_" it gets added to level 1.
  3. Snuffleupagus

    In-game map?

    https://map.projectzomboid.com/ Is probably going to be your best bet. Not the easiest to navigate, but better than nothing.
  4. This has been bugging me for awhile... how can I add levels (floors) in Tiled? I'm trying to put down a gas station sign. It's in two parts, the base and the top. I'm assuming I need to go up a floor to correctly place the top, but all I get in Tiled is level_0, and I cant figure out how to add any. I see them in worldbuilder and am able to switch back and forth easy enough. I suppose I could just make a small lot in the building editor and place that, but if I can add floors in Tiled I'd like to know how.
  5. Appreciate the reply. I went looking at one of the stock objects.lua file for the first time and found those additional zones. So I went looking for some additional object types to paste to my .pzw file but haven't found anything (I probably don't know the right terminology to search for), so I can't really set them up to use. I did see that at some point a new version of tilezed is coming that'll include "zombie zones", so I guess that might be the solution (maybe to a lot of things).
  6. It would be cool if the vegetation growth cycle for any particular tile could get postponed for a period after said tile has been occupied by the player or a vehicle. You could kick it up a notch by actually removing existing vegetation on tiles the player/vehicles frequently occupied. The idea being vegetation wouldn't grow on paths you frequently travel. Not only would this be more on the side of realism, but it would be a nice way to maintain your "driveway" and paths through the woods simply by traveling them. Instead of coming back from a road trip to have to get out and chop down a bunch of fresh saplings and bushes or tear up your vehicle.
  7. So it looks like there's been a couple of years since any real activity. Are there any more updates to this list? Also, I'm wondering how the connection is made between the buildings/rooms and the new occupational costumes for the zombies. I know I've seen firefighter zombies wondering around the firestations in town, etc. How does that happen?
  8. Further investigation into tile problems shows most people correct them by pointing to the "Tiles" folder and not the "2x" sub folder. So you can imagine how bummed I was to find my WorldEd preferences were in fact set correctly. Long story short, I figured out that for some reason I wasn't using the same tool set that's linked on the tutorial. Instead I was using tools from an archive "ZomboidMapTools1_1". I couldn't tell you where I got them, but I remember when I started doing this about a year ago I was going through the Steam interface to launch the tools, so maybe they're from steam, who knows. Anyway, I deleted the weird tools and downloaded/installed the correct tools ( https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23816-latest-tilezed-worlded-and-tilesets-may-17-2018 ) and loaded the map and all is well. And I've got the missing fireplace tiles I was looking for. It'll come in handy now the temperature has been brutally implemented. (Not that I've ever made it to winter.)
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely missing that image from my tiles folder. Apparently I never setup my tiles correctly. I found and downloaded the May 2017 tileset but haven't really gotten it to work. If I remove the existing tiles folder and replace it with the new one, most assets show the "red questions" (I'm assuming it cant find what it's looking for) If I move all the contents out of the "2X" sub folder, or copy the contents on top of the existing tile sets, I get this: Or in TileZed it looks like this: Seems like the "Dark grass" rule is now pointing to a sand blend. All the rules are pointing to the wrong assets. And on top of that the missing images (in this case fixtures_fireplaces) still don't show, even though the .png is in the tile folder. Seems like it's still trying to read the old tile set and filling in the new (wrong) stuff as it finds it. What am I missing here?
  10. So basically I've been looking for the fireplace insert for months, for my custom safe house map. Not the Antique stove, but the actual fireplace that sits in the wall. I've been through all the tilesets, one-by-one looking for it, but haven't come across it. (I'm in the building editor, obviously) Is it one of those blank "???" entries with no preview? If someone could at least point me to which tileset it's in it would be a big help. This seems like a simple stupid thing to post a topic about, but like I said I've been pouring through tiles for months trying to find it (and I KNOW it exists) and it's driving me nuts. It's probably been right in front of me the whole time, someone please help me out.
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