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  1. Wilson2D

    Zed Tumble

    Will the camos decrease the chance zombies will see you?
  2. Wilson2D

    Higher Fidelity

    Please tell me the knifes were nerfed.
  3. Wilson2D


    Isn't the beard color the same one that you chose for hair?
  4. Doesn't the game say "This is how you died" when you start a new game?
  5. But you can hotwire cars irl. Just because they stole your car on mp doesn't mean it should be removed.
  6. Wilson2D


    I would try redboid but hydrocraft sucks tbh.
  7. Wilson2D


    Are you on the same version?
  8. Xbox 360 controller Yes it does It works well and I didn’t use it much since the default bindings are good for me At first it feld kind of weird, but after a few minutes it’s almost like a second mouse and keyboard I don’t really need it changed I play splitscreen alot with my brother and i experienced the beta for the first time while playing splitscreen with him. I’d rather still be able to move around while using my inventory and preventing me from doing this would probably make me only use the inventory when not in a fight (fallout 1 style) Sometimes I had to reboot the game because it wouldn’t recognzie the joystick but it works now The game works better than before on both 4k and full hd I don’t really have any problems.
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