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  1. When using a controller for games, I often use a third party app for keymapping, essentially using my controller as mouse/keyboard. Controller support isn’t always supported. Thought it would be good experience to compare native support with the above. 1. What controller are you using? Xbox Elite 2. Does the controller work? Yes – Once the controller was selected in the controller menu drop down it worked well. All buttons if assigned a particular action did as they were assigned. 3. Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? The customisation menu is clear and works well. I would like to see additional support for the paddles on the Xbox elite controller. Tab - Select and test It would be good to have context help/tooltip for the various settings to describe what they do/effect. Tab - Controller bindings The controller menu looks well-laid out and clear. I have only played with this build and the previous build but improvements to options look more polished now. Suggestion – Having the option to specify a continuous action until button released. E.g the same as if you would hold down ‘space’ for the push action with the keyboard. From a user who often favours mimicking keyboard/mouse actions, it doesn’t feel as smooth. 4. How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with? Even without looking at the customisation first, the default controller settings were quick to pick up for someone who has played mainly PZ with keyboard/mouse. Using the customisation menu was pretty quick to get playing with assigned actions/buttons you wanted without any frustrations. The ‘player control’ feels much smoother than the previous build. I can easily run or walk without an issue. Prior to this, I ended up running whether I wanted to or not. It’s great to have the option to disable running altogether. Both options work well. 5. How would you like your gamepad play further improved? From a 'personal preference' I would like to see the player radial menu function refined. Using this radial menu doesn’t feel as smooth as it could be. Currently to select a menu you have to hold the button and keep the right pad to your desired option and then release the button for it to work. It’s never felt that smooth. For example, when I zoom, I often try various magnifications until I’m happy, especially on the move. The scroll wheel works perfectly for this. With the current setup you have to perform the above sequence of actions multiple times to get the same desired effect. Suggestion(s) I would like to see the radial menu remain on screen with the button press. By using the right stick and RT you can carry out multiple desired selections. E.g zooming/time control. 99% of the time when using the time controls, I’ve carefully moved from one speed to another at the same time. Therefore having to bring up the menu each time doesn’t make as much sense to me. If you select the character window from the menu, pressing the radial button could automatically close the window and bring back the menu. Currently to remove the window you must press the cancel button first. Extending the radial menu - E.g pickup option - when highlighted 3 additional sections/pies appear on the outside circumference for the other options to select. Same for the time control. 6. Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing? No 7. In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style? I’d probably end up getting frustrated as my inventory screens are 90% open at all times. However, if there was an option to quickly switch (button press) between both functions I would probably use it. Especially if it opened up the option for a smoother/faster UI experience for those times you weren’t on the move. e.g inventory management. 8. What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build? Selecting the connected controller in the options menu prior to starting a game wouldn’t carry over into the game and remain as ‘none’. I would have to open up options in game and select the test controller in the tab menu a second time. 9. This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions? Not that I’ve noticed. Resolution at 1920x1060. 10. What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta? Option for continuous actions. I didn't find myself wanting to switch to my third party keymapper setup. Moving around the UI was less hassle. With the third party app mimicking the mouse was often tedious and not as swift. Both sticks work smoother and felt better to use.
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