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  1. Still running into the same problem even after I removed the mods you identified. Time for some guided trial and error. As for the mods you pointed out, I posted in their creator's threads that they've got a compatibility problem with Build 40+. Thank you in advance for helping me with this. logs.zip
  2. Well crap-o-matic. Any others causing problems that you can tell?
  3. Uploading now. At first I thought the problem had corrected itself since I was able to run the "vanilla" game for a while without problem. Then when I tried to kick back and have some fun (and made some significant progress in the process) the problem happened again. In the meantime, the game is STILL attempting to save. On the Zomboid64.exe log it keeps going "error getting walk sq" in an infinite loop. logs.zip
  4. I'll get started on doing so. Where exactly will I find the folder it's in? There's a lot!
  5. I've recently noticed a new glitch on my own game that started happening about a week ago, after one of the follow-up updates to Build 40. My game refuses to save. For the first four or five saves it works normally, but after that it stops. It starts going through the "fade out", then freezes and locks up. It can literally sit for hours and not do anything, so it's not lag. Doing a manual reboot doesn't work well either - all progress is lost, the world map respawns, and in a couple of cases my survivor died of starvation. It's NOT any of the mods. I tried starting up a brand new game without ANY mods at all and after a few normal saves it "locked" up again, so it's something in the basic game itself. Has anyone else run into anything similar?
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