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    Best traits

    Lucky, eagle eyes, brave, brawler, handy, night owl and dexterity. Negative: Underweight ( easy to get back to normal weight ), hearty apptite, thirsty and smoker.
  2. Burleon

    my house

    Super cool dude, I love the trailer and the upper floors.
  3. Yup, this needs to happen, I drift too many damn times when I see a corner coming up
  4. Burleon

    Secret Government Base

    Dude, that's the prison, what secret base? LOL
  5. Burleon


    I said not to be a dick but looks like I came out a dick
  6. Burleon


    Not to be a dick but Im kinda losing interest already, y'all announced build 41 when, september 2018? Its gonna be 1 year of waiting in suspense within the following 2 months, just release it already this July or early August. I'm sure a lot of players feel this way as well.
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    More Math(s)

  8. Burleon

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    Please devs relase a new version in the summer so I can play before heading off to college!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Burleon

    69 Zeds

    A little easter egg to Dawn of the Dead. Make 1 cop and 3 mall cops spawn on the roof of the mall.
  10. Burleon

    Advanced Zedonometry

    I understood as much as a zombie would from this post. All jokes aside this goes to show what a good and smart team this game has and what type of effort it takes for things to get done.
  11. Burleon

    Combat Renovations

    I just want this out already! C'mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't cry if my character falls thru' the map or some shit just release already!!!! pleaseee!
  12. Burleon

    Zed Snacking

    This is the best news update I've seen! I like the Big Smoke reference as well
  13. Burleon

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    Can't wait!
  14. Burleon

    Drink to the Memory

    Omg, cant wait for this already.
  15. Burleon

    Zed Inn

    I get happy when I see these news posts and I get sad I gotta wait another week for another post and I get double sad for waiting so long on Build 41! Please devs! I aint asking for a specific date! just tell me! is it coming soon?????please I cant wait already.
  16. Burleon

    Sunstar Snaps

  17. Burleon


    Any idea when this will get released?I cant wait already man! how much longer???!!!!
  18. As I always start a new character I like to listen to every single radio and TV transmission during the course of the 7/8 days in which they transmit for my RP satisfaction ( especially Life and Living which is a really good TV channel that grants me Carpentry lvl 4 without needing to do anything also Cooking, Foraging, I think trapping too? ) and I was listening to KnoxTalk Radio in my base at the unnamed town gas station and there was a girl talking with the radio host on the car phone as she was at some military base and she was telling the truth about the Knox Event while the other radio stations kept lying saying everything is gonna be ok and all that, anyways and this crazy idea hit me. In the future and I mean the FUTURE lol when PZ will be around build 43-44 I think the devs should consider my crazy idea. The first ''NPC'' interaction/chat box should be with the KnoxTalk Radio host! Imagine this! you pickup a cordless phone ( phew finally a use for that son of a bitch lol ) or implement car phones in luxury cars such as the Marcia Long 500 ( which is a really rare care only found it once based off the Mercedes Benz duh!) or if the devs decide to add more luxury cars of the early 90s some Cadillacs or Lincoln's or whatnots the player should be able to call the host and speak with him and kind of have that Fallout New Vegas, 4 choices dialog kind of thing ya know?and have a 5-10 min conversation with the guy and chose either to tell him the truth about what's going on or whatever and I feel like this COULD be a great addition for the future when we will have NPC's ( hopefully! ) and sort of an idea to test NPC conversations with a not actual seen NPC but a radio host, idk give your opinions! And hey! Before you go saying ''the military cut off all landlines'' yeah they did BUT for payphones and house phones only! Cordless phones and car phones have total different networks hence that girl was able to call from the military base while being in a car with a car phone! So let me know guys I am really curious if my idea is a good thing! Here have a look at all of the radio and TV transmissions if you are curious to know more https://pastebin.com/cBQVMzCG
  19. Burleon

    Spooky Santa

    I can't wait for Build 41 omg, how long do I gotta wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Burleon


    The outfits are sick! Can't wait to wear a cop outfit
  21. Burleon

    Mist Me

    Can't wait for Build 41! And I hope you get to chose some clothes before you can create your new character or spawn in with something resembling your character, like if you are a cop you spawn with a uniform, that'll be cool.