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  1. Build 0.2.0q works perfectly fine, just make sure you have Java x32 (it didnt want to launch with x64). Thanks to everyone who spent his time to solve this problems!
  2. Wierd, im just had an same .bat properly modified to deal with current x64 java 8, but there is same error. Maybe because i have 64x java or 4 gigabytes of memory allocated for soft?
  3. i think yes, its a 0.2.0q. Im just did clean re install and the problem is still here.
  4. Well, my game just went stuck shortly after loading process has began with next text in the .bat : Everything i know here that is maybe there is something with my java version or with something associated with the sound (openal).
  5. The current Desura bypass instruction does not work for me. If someone know how to get through this old DRM and play old 0.2.0q build again like in old days-reply here or pm me please
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