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  1. oh my god hahahah xD I just read your answer. I am soooo sorry xD I mixed it up >>
  2. Hmmm Those should be able to be achieved with a controller ^^ what if i am sitting in my living room and want to play some Zomboid while laying on my back. I don't have any mouse or keyboard available. I dont know if they plan.
  3. Ok so apparently I did not had any bandages in my Inventory . I though that I did rip my cloths but for some reason I did not had any. sooo It works fine . Maybe it would be better if there was some kind of feedback or something. Maybe a window saying that you don't have anything or something to remind you. But that is me being silly. Also the tutorial windows don't seem to go away with B like most of the Windows. I had to press select it with the arror keys on my controller ( not the stick) and then press A. I dont know if that is a problem or not. ^^
  4. I though I had let me test it again^^ thanks
  5. No I got bitten and Wanted to put some bandages
  6. My PC Usb ports all died unfortunately and I could not test this with my Xbox One Controller. My Xbox 360 though worked fine so I though of testing that out as well. Although the game found the controller perfectly ( Although it showed it as a xbox one controller) i could navigate though the menu perfectly and I made a new game. At that point I had some problems I could move but I couldnt interact with anything and that was a bit strange for me. I played around a bit and then I realized that I had to close all windows (Help and tutorial) to be able to do all actions. I just though of tell that as well. One issue I found that when I got hurt and open the Health Menu I couldn't find how to apply bandage from that menu. It says press A to open treatment options but A did not do anything. Don't know if that was a problem from my end. That is all for now. I don't know when I will get new Motherboard or PC in general unfortunately. Anyway keep the good work!
  7. Great another update:) going tp give it a go again.
  8. yay new update I jump into it immediately to see if things working . I happy to say that everything works. I am happy to see that the Attack and Push now are more understandable than before. So I spawn into a house and walked around and loot the kitchen and found a car ( I was lucky i guess). I took me few minutes to figure out how to turn the car on and started driving. The driving feels good and going out of the car and inside was easy enough. Pulling the menu to access the option for the car was easy enough. Zoom in and out the camera was a bit strange ( I find it a bit annoying that you have to push the menu button to pull out the Menu and then select the Zoom in or Zoom out and then just let it go and repeat. (Maybe by pressing A while you have the zoom in or out selected maybe it feels better, that goes for other Options too). So far I haven't found something major problem . Game is playable right now. I am going to continue testing and will update my feedback. One thing I found out is that when you use the right stick to look around or sneak sometimes when you let it go it doesn't remember the position. For example you trying to loot the kitchen and you look at that direction but when you let go it turns the opposite. I dont know if this is intended or not. Going to play some more
  9. Ok I decided to give it a try again. Although my controller is not working sometimes when you first open the game and you need to quit and run it again. In game no my melee wasnt working so I went with my controller to the option menu and changed the Melee and Rack Weapon L1 and RT and accept. Now somehow the melee worked. Although Fighting with Weapon is Rack Weapon and not Melee. This is a bit confusing for me. I though Rack Weapon was to put your weapon back to holster your weapon or something. Anyway so I changed back to L1 to Melee and RT to Rack Weapon. Now that it was working I started looting the house and walk around. Also I tested the Triangle to loot everything etc. It works fine and for me It is great. So I walked out side I killed one zombie everything worked fine but When i found a police car and entered the car ( It did not had the keys) I exit and I went to fight some zombies but suddenly the Melee and Rack Weapon Buttons didn't work again so the zombie got me few times. I walked around tried to use it again but still didn't work. I reassign the buttons again and after few seconds they work again. It worked though for a moment there. I also Installed the Xbox Accessory App from Microsoft Store also Enabled the Xbox Controller Config for steam. Don't know if that did anything.
  10. yeah I had the same issue :/ can't melee at all.
  11. I am looking forward for this Looking really good!
  12. You welcome! Thanks for answering. I will wait for the next update then and try again.
  13. I mean that when i am in the Melee mode I press the Attack button that I assign and try to attack and it didn't work. I am going to try this and see and then I will post my findings. Thanks! edit: It still doesn't work :/