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    Uattorio got a reaction from gabriel rodrigues brandao in Too much loot. (Maybe a bug?) [41.51]   
    I think this is normal, in the old builds there was too less loot and this was not realistic, i've never seen a supermarket whit 2 cans per shelves
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    Uattorio reacted to nheve in 41.51 Bug - Can't remove curtains   
    Cedric is right - you can pick up curtain, but you cant pick up the sheet back, that you've put on your window. Its like the game doesnt see it, when using pick up mode.
    Also ive noticed that it isnt possible to place curtains on the door - and it happens with both long and short curtains. You can only place sheets on doors - but then its the same like with windows, you cant pick your sheets back.
    Hope it could be fixed, thanks! Besides of that - great work with the update!
  3. Pie
    Uattorio got a reaction from Pandorea in zeds always ruin the jacket   
    Maybe this is not a bug but something to fix: every time i suffer an attack from crawling zeds on the ground they always just ruin the jacket.
    I'm talking about crawling z's after tripping over windows or fences and not injuried ones who can't walk, these in fact if they it, always demage shoes or pants and never the jacket, as it should be.
  4. Spiffo
    Uattorio got a reaction from Beard in the game does not start   
    Problem solved, thank you!
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    Uattorio reacted to Beard in the game does not start   
    Hmm it seems likely that the mods that you have enabled are causing the issue, most likely they haven't been updated properly to the latest version. I recommend going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" again and deleting the "mods" folder found there. This will stop the mods from loading at game start and should allow you to get to the main menu.
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    Uattorio reacted to Beard in the game does not start   
    Can you attach the "console.txt" file found in "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" to your next message? It can help us figure out what causes the crashing.
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    Uattorio reacted to Artfu1D0dger in Pitch black days v41   
    heh...city folk...i used to live in a spot where on moonless nights when i came home after work and i didn't leave my headlights on, i wouldn't be able to see my hand in front of my face as i tried to find my front door; and in a place like that during a heavy downpoor (rain), even with a flashlight you wouldn't be able to see but a few feet in front of you; i'm not sure if the weather/lighting system is working perfectly but also realize that light reflects a LOT better off of snow; you could be in the middle of nowhere with snow covered ground with a full moon in the middle of the night and it would be super bright out.  the only problem i've seen is when it's supposed to be super dark, or could be the dense fog effect in the middle of the night where the screen is all white and you can actually see better than if the fog wasn't there; lately i've been running the infinite fog + infinite snow + very cold and very rainy xD...and i have the power and water go out instantly; it's pretty nuts but is a lot more immersive and intense
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    Uattorio reacted to daw0328 in Suggestion. Shopping carts.   
    What I am talking about, is to add shopping carts as a way to carry items. Now of course, this shopping cart as an item that could be used could be broken. IE: could be missing wheels. Repair would either need a low level, or should not be added at all; since it's a shopping cart. These things should be fairly common in supermarkets; for obvious reasons. Dragging a cart can, and should slow down the player, if the cart gets overweighed, then it should be very hard to carry. The cart would not be a rideable thing, only a thing that would be dragged on forward. 

    Why would you want to add this into the game?
    Well, I personally think that an item like this would be firstly very useful to the game, would as well add some immersion; as some people would rather preffer dragging their items on some form of a sled, rather than a backpack. Not only that, I feel like it's a realistic choice, considering how desperate the times in this game could be.

    And lastly, thanks for reading my suggestion. Whether it will be accepted or not, I am still very thankful for reading it. Have a nice day.
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    Uattorio reacted to nasKo in IWBUMS 41.41 RELEASED   
    You wouldn't even see what other MP players are doing in its current state so there is nothing to play. We will release MP as soon as it is feasible. There's no glory for us in having something playable and not letting people test it. 
    There's still a lot of work to be done and the first version of MP will probably be broken enough already, so don't you worry, there'll be plenty of bugs for you to enjoy
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    Uattorio got a reaction from inc31812@bcaoo.com in Impossible fishing and foraging 41.32   
    if necessary i can try to indicate on map where i am, this is a screenshot of the place:


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    Uattorio reacted to EnigmaGrey in Sprinters instantly get up after falling   
    EasyPickens has committed a fix for this, it should be out in the next update.
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    Uattorio got a reaction from crossed in Sprinters instantly get up after falling   
    I noticed that this happen when i hit a zombie while he falls by a fence and the animation of fall is is just started.
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    Uattorio reacted to crossed in Sprinters instantly get up after falling   
    This might be known already as it happens a lot but I didn't see any posts about it.
    Sometimes sprinters randomly trip over - which I assume is intentional - then immediately get up skipping the getting up animation. Or if you hit them while they're on the ground your hit makes them to pop back up instead of keeping them on the ground. I've only seen this happening when they trip on their own, not when they climb over a fence for example.
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    Uattorio reacted to sprqn in 41.37 Secondary Bag Mysteriously Disappearing From Inventory   
    Since the last update I've had two school bags disappear from my character's inventory.

    The first time it happened I noticed it when I loaded my save file after the update and I figured it had something to do with that so I didn't take care to note what the character was doing. I had previously had some issues with another secondary bag, as reported here, and those issues seem to have been fixed, apart from the part of that suitcase item being forever rendered as a tote-bag (now that I'm writing this down it does make me think if there is something corrupted in the save file and I just need to restart).

    So, after a while I found a new school bag to use as my secondary bag and I thought "all good" and continued with my surviving. But now that one is also gone. I can't recall the exact steps that lead to the bag disappearing, but my character was working on a pretty big log wall wall she had been working on for a while. I think this is a fairly accurate reconstruction of the events leading to the bag disappearing:
    My character had 1 school bag equipped on her back, 1 school bag in her inventory and 1 suitcase (yes, the above mentioned) in her inventory Attached to her back she had a wood axe and on her belt a pipe-wrench and a hand axe She equipped the wood axe (double handed) and chopped down a bunch of trees When she was done she equipped the second school bag in her secondary hand and the suitcase in her primary hand She filled the bag on her back, the secondary school bag, the suitcase and her main inventory with as many logs as she possibly could She then walked back with a pretty full inventory and built some log walls, she did this a few times until she was exhausted Here is where I'm not entirely sure exactly what happened. I usually use the hot-keys to make the char take a weapon whenever they need to fight, or to auto-unequip other things in their hands. This is what I think I did, that I just pressed 1 to get her wood axe equipped forcing the bags in her secondary and primary bags to get unequipped from her hands and into her inventory.  
    I've had considered the fact that her main inventory was too full, but then the bag should have fallen to the ground, but it wasn't here. I've looked everywhere but the bag is gone. I feel like since I don't remember the exact steps I've performed, that I would want to try and recreate this, or just test around some more, I will see if I can get some more accurate information if this is not enough. Has anybody else had a similar situation?
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    Uattorio reacted to Batsphinx in Acrobatic zombies caught on video, bugs is everywhere.   
    The 'zed flip' bug is one that's really annoying us  (one of several seen at 00:57') as we see it everywhere but can never seem to replicate it ourselves
    Any replication steps from people appreciated
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  17. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to Charlypizza in Sprites of bags on the floor in the wrong position when u dropped from secondary   
    this happen when u drop ur offhand bag on the top floor of a two stores buildings. In the picture i dropped my bag on the floor and the sprite appear on the other corner of the room but u can pick it up and access where my character is

  18. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to Pandorea in car battery charger bug   
    Hmm.. interesting. Can't seem to make it become unresponsive like that. Could you share an image of your impossible charger and it's location, please?
  19. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to Noncuro in car battery charger bug   
    I'm very aware about how to use a battery charger. After I right clicked > place charger, the result is a ghost image on the ground : can't interact with it, can't see it in the loot window.
  20. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to nasKo in impossible training by hitting trees 41.35   
    Considering it's in the patchnotes I just linked, yes, the change was made on purpose 
  21. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to nasKo in All house loot is toilet paper   
    This is not a bug at all.   
    It's a nod to current events in the word. Notably people hoarding toilet paper for some reason.
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    Uattorio reacted to RagingLoony in IWBUMS 41.36 RELEASED   
    Unable to open any of the player built double gates/doors in carpentary/metalworking
  23. Spiffo
    Uattorio reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.36 RELEASED   

    - Increased dirt on character.

    - Fixed some recipes not being able to use the new garden saw.
    - Fixed exceptions due to missing eye-shadow textures.
    - Fixed the makeup ui not working with different-sized fonts.
    - Fixed the makeup ui not working with a controller.
    - Fixed the Lua debugger Errors ui not showing exceptions in one case.
    - Fixed occasional Lua error when right-clicking on windows.
    - Fixed odd position of bags on the ground when dropped from hands.
    - Fixed Blooo (again again again) by making the default DisplayName for items is now the Module.Type of that item, making it easier to debug.
    - Fixed the "leg kick" when performing some timed actions (eating, smoking, etc).
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    Uattorio reacted to EnigmaGrey in impossible training by hitting trees 41.35   
    You can level strength by being slightly encumbered.
    Punching trees was not intended and leads to issues in combat. At some point proper exercising may be added.
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    Uattorio reacted to Pandorea in Can't open double wooden door 41.35   
    Well, you issue has been noted and is awaiting a fix. That's why I've reacted with a piece of cake above.
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