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  1. Lovely

    Players logging into server instantly dying

    I can certainly conclude that it is NOT due to mods, but mods may make the bug more likely. Source: As I mentioned in the OP, this was happening to my friends and I on my vanilla server. Quick look of the server logs shows [11-11-18 10:00:16] 76561197967692106 "Jaximus" fully connected (13514,10718,0). [11-11-18 10:00:18] user Jaximus died at (13514,10718,0) (non pvp).
  2. As title says, not much more known about it. People are dying just by logging into my server after logging out, some have been scratched/bitten, though we're running on 'All survivors are infected' settings so infections from wounds shouldn't count. Yes, this happened both with and without mods and no our building isn't filled with carbon monoxide as our generator is outside. Some had extremely heavy loads, some did not, one person recalls becoming nauseous before dying and some of us never got that moodle. It's becoming VERY frustrating and many of my friends have already given up on the game.
  3. Lovely

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I see. What recent change made it easier to turn items into world props?
  4. Lovely

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Curious, why are things like smelters/benches/ladders/etc not considered physical world props and instead defined as 'items'? I've had nothing but overlapping issues with the sprites due to their definition of being items instead of constructs, plus the lack of collision and inability of proper placement functions leaves players with a lacking experience of comprehension and consistency in the game. Plus It makes them feel just entirely tacked on and unpolished. We can pick up crates and place them as physical objects in the world, why can't these be crafted as place-able objects?
  5. Lovely

    Metal Ladder

    A metal ladder that uses the metal ladder sprite and utilizes the sheet rope climb functions. Crafted with 15 metal pipes, propane torch & welding mask, level 7 metalworking, and through the build menu and not the crafting recipe menu (So as to keep it a physical entity and not just an item.) If I knew how to code in LUA I'd be doing it myself but I'm pretty useless as far as coding goes unless someone is willing to send over the source file for sheet ropes (as a construct, not as an item.)