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    I like Project Zomboid, mods for other games, and most importantly using any mod that allows cheating (just kidding)
  1. InsecurePayment

    Game freezes when clicking 'mods'

    May I know exactly what do you mean? Did you mean like where I got the game from?
  2. InsecurePayment

    Game freezes when clicking 'mods'

    That could be the case, but I checked that they match the game version. However, even without the non-workshop mods or with them, the game freezes anyway if I click on Mods. Sorry for the late response.
  3. InsecurePayment

    Game freezes when clicking 'mods'

    The version I stated is below above the CONTINUE LOAD SOLO MULTIPLAYER button, so that should be the cause. I have placed the mods I needed in the 'mods' folder (non-workshop mods, the ones in forums) However, even if they are not in the mods folder the game freezes upon clicking the "Mods" button.
  4. InsecurePayment

    Game freezes when clicking 'mods'

    Hi, I am new to the forums but I recently have a glitch/bug with the game. Everything else in the game works, multiplayer, solo and loading saves. But whenever I click on 'Mods' it freezes and it shows me that it isn't responding The version of the game is the Vehicle Test 41.2 No crash logs, nothing. It just freezes and I have to terminate it or close it.