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  1. In IWBUMS I can't climb down from player built fences (with a sheet rope), a sheet rope from a window works fine, but if I try to climb over a player built fence the animation stops at the part where the character is hanging and then he quickly reappears back where he started. Climbing up from below is no problem at all.
  2. The version is the IWBUMS before the latest update, so 40.26 maybe. Only mod I have turned on is the book mod which I've never had any problems with before, will try disabling that as well. When I try and drag the item it just asks where to place the bed (ie with the red highlighted bed because I don't have all the parts). Many thanks for the replies.
  3. I had installed a recent gore mod but I've unsubbed from it now and it doesn't appear to have made any difference, fairly sure where I was trying to drop the items had empty floor space but I'll go back in and check... if I'm remembering correctly it just seems that the option to "drop item" isn't available. EDIT: Just checked quickly and indeed it's not giving me the "drop item" option, only "place item".
  4. Cannot seem to drop "part" items from my inventory or bag, when trying to move a large bed for instance you can pick up the separate parts but cannot drop them on the ground and because you can't hold all four in your inventory at once it's impossible to place the item.
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