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  1. just great im using build 40 i installed ur mod now i bugged my UI, i cant open any container eaven after i unintalled it, plus buged the spawns, theres a LOT zombies on places i cleard, i have a horde at my door .... dude u should warn for what build your mod is, cuz it is NOT for build 40 now i have to back up all the game files, and hope the save game isnt broken isnt it great!? i will never install a ui mod ever again. this game is the first game im having so MUUUCH problems instaling mods its the second time i have to do this jesus... EDIT: my mistake! i made it work it seems what was making UI bug was actually a mod that doesnt eaven changes UI ... wierd ... great mod btw!
  2. Will this work on build 40?
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