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  1. Hello Can I 360 rotate ISButton, or another one ISUI? ps Can anyone create a tutorial about: ISUI, custom addCombo() and NewbieGuide2 (3 guides.. )
  2. Hello, I'm need some help In this site resources, I found events (seems decompile..), and one was: Events.OnPlayerMove.Add(functionName); But, it does not work, when you are in car( It's bug, or what? ), and I did not find anything like: OnVehicleMove The question is: How to get coords, [without OnPostUIDraw or other not connectable events,] when you are in car? But, however, I can use crutch: OnPlayerMove and if plr:isDriver check coords by OnPostUIDraw..
  3. How to add a wombo-combo-table? Like that: local full = self:addCombo(splitpoint, y, comboWidth, 20, getText("UI_optionscreen_fullscreen"), {getText("UI_Yes"), getText("UI_No")}, 1);
  4. Файл, в "...\media\lua\shared\Translate\RU", должен быть кодировкой ANSI.
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