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  1. Been awhile since I played, largely because of a lack of direction. Once your character becomes comfortable there's nothing to do but run your rounds as usual which becomes boring. Here's my suggestion to give the game more longevity, add daily challenges. I'll leave the challenges themselves to the creativity of the community to come up with, but I think it would be best if the challenges came in the form of internal dialogue so they don't interrupt the atmosphere the game builds on. Naturally there would need to be some kind of reward, ideally an item that is harder to find but related to the challenge. ie. finding packets of seeds and once you find the last one a bag of fertilizer is generated in the same container.

  2. On 4/28/2019 at 8:00 AM, Brex said:

    To me, it makes no sense how you are somehow able to just pour a bunch of dirt on a concrete roof and suddenly bam, you've got yourself some crops. I think a more logical step would be implementing planter boxes, like raised garden beds so you can grow crops on roofs or on concrete/non-soil surfaces. Plots, planters, boxes...anything like that would be more immersive and make more sense.

    Good idea, will take half a decade for them to put in the game tho.

  3. I've made this suggestion quite a long time ago and to my knowledge hasn't been implemented yet. It would be great if I could get some feedback on the implementation of this idea from someone on the dev team.


    Items that have been added to your favorites should float to the top of your inventory to make management easier. Simple suggestion, probably easy to implement, but also not a priority. I don't see anyone being in disagreement with this idea.

  4. Amputation is a very good idea. Not only does it make the most frustrating part of the game more bare-able, but it adds just a bit more depth. The idea is balanced by the fact that you can really only amputate your limbs; if you get a bit on the head, well, you can't really do anything still. Saving yourself via amputation would come with massive draw backs ie. an amputated leg could mean your character could no longer run, or an amputated hand/ arm would mean your character would struggle to fight. A decrease to creating speed makes sense as well.


    The only thing I don't really like is limiting who can and can't amputate based on skill level. Id rather just make the moodles from a poor medical skill far more severe, kind of like how pulling glass out and stitching works. If I were part of the dev team I would make this a priority because EVERYONE hates losing the character they put 20 hours into without any options available. Something I did just think about is the players choice whether to cut off a scratched limb. You could gamble that you're fine or bite the bullet.

  5. Sounds good as long as it's just a chance to spawn closer to that heat zone. Usually if you're building a base in the middle of no where you're kinda looking for more solitude. It would be hard to get that if it attracts hordes to you. It's kinda realistic to have the majority of zombies in urban areas too.

  6. 16 hours ago, Laird Thaddeus said:

    Personally i cant see the point in a compass but i am curios how you would give someone directional instructions when you dont know where they are. if i was to spawn in westpoint and you say go east 120 degrees ill head off at a run and expect to come across you. but turns out i spawned in the motel and your camped in the hardware store which is west of the motel. i would end up running straight out of town. If you know the map well enough to work out where someone has spawned and say oh you need to go west. you know it well enough to say head out the front door, turn left and cross the junction im in the second shop on your left.


    the same goes for finding cabins in the woods. they are meant to be stumbled on. if you have found one with out the online map you know which direction the road is in because you came from it so walk in a straight line and make a mark so you can find it again. if your using the online map you pick a spot that has a straight line to where you want and walk it. ive spent many days lost in the woods looking for a collection of cabins only to find the trees had grown and obscured the path i was looking for id passed it several times.


    I cant spend a long time responding to this right now because I'm at work, but the compass would make giving directions to new players more simple in that all you need to do is face your character in their direction to know where they should go. It's easier to say "East 120 degrees" than it is to give a bunch of landmarks that they ask you about 4 times and still get lost.


    How exactly do you know you're going straight without a compass? You don't. You can think you're going straight and EASILY be off a couple degrees completely missing the cabin. I've been looking at the online map running "straight" towards a cabin with multiple people and we still missed the damn thing, it's not hard.


    Compasses would be a fantastic addition to Zomboid for several reasons. I'm honestly dumbfounded by the backlash. They're 1) realistic. I guarentee at least 1 person on your block owns a compass, so why wouldn't you find one as a surviver? 2) optional. Wanna use a bunch of weird half-measures like dead bodies at intersections? Go for it. 3) Helpful. As I said, they're good for new and experienced players and in time, appriciated. Especially as the map keeps growing.

  7. 3 hours ago, EnigmaGrey said:

    If it crashes, it gets high priority. If it's "this use of whitespace is kind of annoying me," it gets a low priority. There are a literal thousand things to do at any time, so we obviously go with the higher level issues first, baring attempts to clean out the tracker (such as before a major release goes public). If something gets passed over, it doesn't mean we don't care; rather, it means we have a near un-ending and always replenishing pile of bugs and issues to work through, on top of designing and implementing new features.


    Re-reporting things won't make them get a higher priority, though it's nice to know something is still an issue.  Just do it sparingly, as we do trawl the forums daily for bugs and do not appreciate someone spamming their pet issue or trying to rally others around its flag. I'm not saying anyone is doing this in this thread, ofc, but am trying to explain my perspective on it and how best not to tread on our toes.


    Im far from a programmer, but seeing as how someone has already done the work of fixing the issue themselves, couldn't u just use the code, they've already written?


    Have you tried to adjust them while using a controller? It's a bit more than annoying. It's like a pixel perfect grab with the mouse. You could be sitting there for 2 minutes then it just moves back later. This is the PZ equivilant of having a misquito flying by your ear while you try to sleep. 0_0


    I won't push the issue anymore, but dear god it's painful.

  8. 9 hours ago, crossed said:

    Yep, the keyboard+mouse version of the inventory stays the way you adjusted it even if you start a new character, it's just the controller version that resets every time you quit.


    Wow, didn't know that. Do you know if they have the intention of fixing it soon, or is it something that needs to be reported again?

  9. This is probably one of the things that irritate me most in PZ and I'm not even sure what you call it. That little line you can drag that separates "item" and "category". Why in the name of god is the space for items so damn small while category has an ABSURD amount of useless space? Every time I need to open the game I have to re-adjust it because I can't tell how many of one item I even have. By DEFAULT please, in the name of Spiffo, move that little damn line over so item and category have at least a 30-70 space ratio. I can understand not making them 50-50 for aesthetic reasons i guess? Maybe it's to keep more of the screen visible while in inventory, but still.


    Please tell me everyone else want this?


  10. For the cost of 10 points a player gains a 1% chance to resist the zombie virus. In other words, if your bite or scratch would transmit the virus you get a one time pass. Now, as it's only 1% this is more of a really fun perk that I could see people like streamers picking. Getting bit especially is such a drag because you know you're dead, so a trait like this gives you just a sliver of hope and if you do actually hit that 1% and survive you would be extremely hyped. It's a "tell all your friends" kinda moment that zomboid doesn't have a lot of, so I think it would be great for the game. You would need to indicate to the player they resisted the virus somehow tho, or theyll think their scratch wasn't leathal. Thoughts?


    Oh, I forgot to mention there are genetic resistances to viruses and diseases so it wouldn't be a huge stretch.

  11. 2 hours ago, bobthejob said:

    I agree that- there needs to be a better way to figure out where you are. I get lost really bad because the maps are horrible low detail quality. even if I look at the map of the place I'm at, I can never figure out where on the map I am. It's way to vague and low detail to figure it out so I don't even bother picking up maps anymore or just use them as firewood. a better map with much higher detail would be really useful so that I could actually guess myself where I am. I always get lost and can never find my base ever again after being chased by zombies which spawn like a tsunami just because I get inside of a car. Not only that but the cars are always extremely loud even if I selected the easy cars option with lowest sound possible. I don't know if that's a bug or something. If I go walking it's because I'm moving on, never to find the same place twice. this can be fun but also depressing that I can't make a base and actually use it. another problem I notice is that if I go into the wilderness I'm permanently lost and can wander or drive for hours on end and never see civilization ever again. I'm not stupid or anything, I just have no way to get good and learn because there is no entry point where I can start to grasp. I hope my suggestions help make the game better! peace :)


    Maps do need to be updated; I don't bother with them either. You can however use this; https://map.projectzomboid.com/#


    I'm not as experienced with mechanics as some, but I think cars inherently have a "loudness level" for lack of a better term, which you can reduce with a performance muffler for that model of car.


    Going into the woods is like a fucking death trap honestly. Even with the map I posted above, a direction of travel, and another friend we got lost trying to find a cabin. We ran past it twice before finally finding the damn thing and afterwards we built a sign to mark our entry point into the woods. Even then you could easily be moving a couple degrees off and miss it.

  12. The vanilla maps seems really really basic, like put in as a placeholder basic thats why i havent used them much, but it's been awhile so ill have to look at them again. Would you support more detailed maps that represent the city better was well?

  13. Very true. I haven't used the maps in game much yet because from my experience they seem a bit vague or inaccurate, but I could definately see them being a more important part of a community's opperations.


    Do you use the vannila maps or is there a mod?

  14. There's been talk in my Discord about renting a server for Zomboid, so others can get on and play their characters without having to rely on the host. Obviously time in the game is still advancing, but people that normally would manage things like crops, or resource gathering might not be online. It would be neat if you could pin messages on paper to the cork board for others to read.



    - Don't forget to water the crops

    - Bring back more thread if you find it


    Some advantage to doing things this way would be organization, and it wouldn't take up floor space.


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