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  1. nah mate, I pay extra for good ice cream, you guys either have some broken freezers or bootleg ice cream that doesn't freeze
  2. It's not, you could ever argue it's realistic You can try it yourself, get some ice cream and freeze it for a day or so, then take it out and try to immediately eat it. You'll realzie that it's too solid to easily spoon, and even after you grab some, you'll see that it's way too cold for you to properly enjoy. Now, force yourself to eat as much as you can under 20 minutes (that's when it starts to become edible) and you'll see why it's depressing
  3. Well, I'm gonna cut to the point. The current world of Project Zomboid is very, very silent. Yes, there are some random events that do make some noise, but other than that, it's completely quiet. And that's why rain is arguably one of the best types of weather since there's so much audio and sounds and effects and everything in it. It really adds to make zomboid feel real. Now, I'm suggesting some more sounds that always play, and some that would play depending on several things. Something like this would be hearable on daytime. Sounds of things like the wind. It would be the background sound of daytime. At night tho, things would change. There would be crickets and stuff to fill in the atmosphere. And that's it really, not a major suggestion, but a small QoL improvement.
  4. Maybe maid and butler zombies that spawn in mansions? see example below
  5. moderator, you know very well I didn't mean a full manual gearbox, I said manual gearing right, boot the game up and get into a car, then accelerate, and then stop accelerating. you'll notice that as the car rolls, the guy, for some reason, immediately shifts to neutral, this both causes so the engine noise just randomly cuts out so it just sounds worse then the car sounds already are (westpoint to rosewood on a van is pure pain tbh) and it just isn't how people drive not to mention, at high speeds, your car has almost no grip, which is good, until you use the handbrake. you can take those 90 degree excuse of a road highways going a solid 90 if you know exactly where it is and you have a macro set up so you press the handbrake for just the right amount, takes a lot to get right but hey, realism, right? as always, ok moderator
  6. to add onto above, why not just give us manual gearing? the current car system sucks, both from a reality standpoint and a gameplay standpoint
  7. ahh bloody hell, half the game's a compromise anyway if the price of having curved roads is having several pixels that look like grass but is simulated as road, then go ahead
  8. right, first of all, I'm not asking for %100 smooth roads with no imperfections, nor am I asking for every single small turn to me curved, I'm just asking some of the more commonly used roads to be slightly curved (I'd accept 30 degree gradual turns, hell, even 45 degree ones. It shouldn't be that hard to bake 20 something sprites for curved roads with markings and lines, we used to do them with like 12 sprites in RPGMaker) because it's not fun when you can't safely reach highway speeds on a highway I want to adress a few points before we begin -the arrows added in the latest patch are so close to the intersections themselves that they don't help you brake as they give you barely any reaction time -you can't expect someone to reasonably see them before-hand when my character is somehow near-sighted and can only see about 7 cars length -I'm not asking for the entire map to be redone, what I'm asking for is curving of the more commonly used roads, and the ones where people are likely to speed, like the highways and you may say ''turk, then why don't you just learn the map?'' let me tell you something, what do you do to get from rosewood to west point? hold w for over 10 minutes yep, you do absolutely nothing but hold w for several minutes, not that it's a bad thing, it does somewhat add to the sense of scale, but this means both -you pay less attention to the road as it's pretty boring and most importantly -slowing down to avoid crashes is not exactly great since you're extending an already long trip to be even longer, which isn't exactly fun my suggestion is: either add some curvature to the roads themselves, or, move the arrows back, way back to a point where they give me several seconds of reaction time to properly slow down t.someone who put a considerable amount of time to this game
  9. did you even read the suggestion? I will copy paste it here and bolden the important keywords for you, so make sure you have your eyes open; It was mentioned somewhere that the devs added over 50 clothing items to the game, but there's no way to test them out besides finding them in-game. Maybe some sort of debug mode so we can mess around with the in-game content?
  10. It was mentioned somewhere that the devs added over 50 clothing items to the game, but there's no way to test them out besides finding them in-game. Maybe some sort of debug mode so we can mess around with the in-game content?
  11. Abi türk olduğunu yeni fark ettim, pardon ingilizce tam yazamadıysam. Dediklerini bire bir yaptım, çalışıyo vallaha, çok sağol abi. Thanks.
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