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  1. I'm talking about this one https://youtu.be/uZ--ksbxwBQ At 0:15,as the player is getting into the black sedan, shouldn't the fuel gauge ''turn on'' when the key ia put in ignition instead of when the engine starts?
  2. why not just smooth the roads entirely? it'd probably be hard, but it's a necessary evil
  3. Well, I'm just gonna get to the point. Currently in Zomboid, if a car is not accelerating, then it's shifted into neutral. The problem is that this happens no matter how fast you're actually going. Now, you might say that this is the most fuel efficient way, and it might be, but here's the thing; Literally no one drives like that. And there's a really good reason for that, in Zomboid you can upshift/downshift instantly, but in real life it takes about half a second for that gear to kick in. The thing is that this is completely unrealistic, and you only hear the engine idle if you're going 120 but stopped accelerating, which is a massive immersion-breaker. So, what should happen is: -If you're accelerating, you should upshift as you get faster. -If you stop accelerating, the car should still roll with the speed it already has, but it should stay on the gear it correlates to, and should only downshift when it becomes slow enough to actually downshift. -A car should only shift to neutral when it's completely still. Now, there are a couple ways of actually fixing it. You could, of course, implement is as-is, but I'd very much love a manual shifting option, just like how we have hardcore reloading, we should also have hardcore driving. And on the topic of vehicles, can we please smooth out some of the roads? I mean, I understand making tens of tiles for highways to actually look good while still having markers and everything, but can we at least have 45 degree turns, and not 90 degree turns that I end up crashing at every time? It's genuinely hard to drive in most highways because you both need to speed, but if the road decides it's gonna turn, then you're probably gonna crash at that speed and die. oh also the jeep model is horrible