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  1. I confirm, in split-screen b41, the first charactrer is always deleted after reloading the save.
  2. "9th Region" server Build 41 does not have multiplayer yet, but when it will be implemented we will create multinational PVP hardcore server. Why do we invite people now? We want to gather the community in advance so that people can start playing on the server at about the same time at the start of the server. There will not be base territory guard at all, griefing other players will not be banned. It will also contain some mods which do not break the feeling of surviving. The creation of clans, gangs, sects in the game will be extremely welcome, but no one will be obliged to play along your roleplay. Stay tuned in our discord (https://discord.gg/mn45mr5) and we will inform you when the server will launch.
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