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  1. We have managed to fix the problem, by getting external (public) IP adress for the host.
  2. Server config: pastebin.com/259E1eHJ Server OS: Windows 10 Connection speed: Host: Ping 7ms, Download: 103.21 Mbps, Upload 19.96 Mbps (www.speedtest.net/result/7549695624) Player (me): Ping 9ms, Download: 48.76 Mbps, Upload: 5.11 Mbps (www.speedtest.net/result/7549695470) Fixes we tried: -using different programs to connect to eachother (Hamachi, Evolve, ZeroTier) -setting up a public server- we can't connect to the server, even though it appears in the server list, we get "failed to connect" message). We can join other servers without a problem. -removing map_zone.bin from //username/zomboid/saves/multiplayer/savename/ The server is being run on a home computer, with 3.5GB of RAM dedicated. Version of the game we''re using is non-steam (purchased via GOG), v39.67.5. We can provide any further info as needed.
  3. When I'm trying to join my friends server (we've been trying to play using LAN*), and it starts to download the map chunks, eventually downloading those chunks gets really slow, and stops at one, specific chunk, few seconds pass by, and I get kicked out of the server with "Failed to download map from server" error. We've both tried deleting map_zone.bin, and it just makes it download more chunks, but it still eventually stops at one, higher chunk, and ends with that error. We have no idea what else we could try to play co-op. Any help would be appreciated. *We've tried to setup a public server, but we are unable to join it. Even though the server appears in the server list, We both get "failed to connect" error. We can join other public servers with no such problems. Further informations have been provided below:
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