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    Surviving, killing zombies, and enjoying many many ways to die! Trying to do some mapping by building my small French world piece by piece... not enough to show, yet (2×2 cells) but some buildings yet to share. As an ex architect, I enjoy to speak about this as long as my poor english allows me to!

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  1. Thank you to help us understanding all the other side of your work! Go on you're making a very good game!
  2. ThomEye

    Combat Renovations

    It seems to be a quite good Z combat behaviour. I'm mad waiting to test this! Keep on this amazing work!!! (PZ won't become easier... as the life would' t become easier be in a zombie apocalypse! ). Just, please, don't make combat depend to much on aiming in close combat as the controls and the external view don't make aiming easy for the player... Avoiding the Z you didn't see is already an obsession!
  3. Thank you for all this good news! I'm happy to discover a new map, Xeonyx is doing such a good work and deserve to be an official contributor. I hope to find the new items quite soon, it's getting colder in my last game!!
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