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  1. sashapony

    Controller Support Broken (linux)

    Hello? So non of the controller problems have been fixed at all. just as before and since the game came out on linux... some buttons are called axi's and the way your controller config files are theres nothing that can be done to make the controller behave as expected..... are there just no plans to catering to controller users? I have rerun tests on different machines all using different versions of linux and the result is the same no matter what controller i use. the controllers tested were xbox 360, xbox one, nintendo switch pro controller, the steam controller, and the ps4 controller and all of them behave the same on every single system on machine.
  2. sashapony

    Controller Support Broken (linux)

    I dont know what you guys did to build 40 but now nothing on the controller works at all... every direction on the d-pad is hitting the 8 button now... just as before every other game works just fine but only this game is having severe controller problems. i was really hoping to see this fixed but it doesnt seem like any effort is being made into fixing controller support for all users on linux. on the plus side i absolutely love everything that has been done with the vehicles and the weather system.
  3. sashapony

    Controller Support Broken (linux)

    i am using the steam version.... i have tried installing other drivers as well and using official microsoft controllers and everything is the same problem no matter what is done. this has been an inssue for me ubuntu 16.04 LTS and up including ubuntu 18.04 which is what i now use
  4. sashapony

    Controller Support Broken (linux)

    Yeah except that doesnt work period.... the game recognizes all controllers as their proper name including the xbox controllers but the config file is NOT COMPATIBLE. thats all it is that the game is broken with linux only. each trigger is its own axis... not just 1.... the start button for some reason is an axis and not a button... its a problem with the game and nothing more which is why i made this post. the file cannot be editted to fix a controller when the config file simply doesnt have the input options available to it... like sure if it was setup to allow you to set an axis as a button or a button as an axis... or if you could put multiple trigger axis's then that would fix all my problems and i would never have come to this forum but that simply isnt the case. the only way i personally see this as being fixable is if any mapping axis or button can be mapped to any axis or button... because for triggers i need to map to axis 3 and 6 but you can only put 1 and then it doesnt work, the left and right sticks are fixable.... kind of.... but not really :\ controller support on linux is not doable without a different way to be allowed to customize controllers
  5. sashapony

    Controller Support Broken (linux)

    Hi. I as many other users have a distate for windows but greatly love the game. my problem is project zomboid controller support for linux has always been broken throughout the entirety of the game development and it saddens me because i cant play multiplayer split screen period... on ANY version of linux whether it be Ubuntu, Arch, Etc... I have looked into several forums about adjusting the config file for the controller but thats Futile as the config file is incompatible with linux controller setups and i just dont know what to do. Can you PLEASE FIX CONTROLLERS!? I want to enjoy this game on the couch in my living room and i cant without having to grab a steam link and my mouse and keyboard... which is not comfortable at all... I have tried using an xbox360, xbox one, ps4, and steam controller and they all have the exact same issue. left stick can only move left and right, the right thumbstick can only look left. to move down you have to hit Start because for some reason the game sees your START button as an Axis for movement.... and Neither trigger works. In the config file there is an option to rebind things sure but you cant though.... the most i could do is make the analog sticks work correctly but start button is forced to be broken... and even after fixing the right thumbsticks... i cant look around without swinging my weapon if i look left or shoving if i look right. The Controller is completely unplayable on linux it also doesnt seem to matter what controller drivers are used either. Please if there is a fix that i can do.... or anything that can be done to fix this issue please reply back