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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi made some changes during the last days and uploaded a new file with everything. Hydrocraft Mod Files.7z
  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    Read that you are busy in RL, thats why i started cause i wanted to smoke ma fine homegrown weed If you need some help or so, i would be happy. Have some modding experience, programming experience (no LUA :-/ ) and a lot of time atm^^
  3. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi, updated some parts of your Mod in my game and added some things that might be of interest to you, HydromancerX. The files can be found in the 7z file i attached, use as you like to. "Changelog:" Hydrocraft Mod Files.7z
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    Powered Mining Tool and powered Mining Tool with Chisel is also possible, then trowel and other combinations. You can find them under Stoneworking: Mine Dirt and Stone Btw wanted to experiment a bit with the mod and created 18 new smoking recipies for sausages and the other recipies use some more materials like barks, boughts and some other ^^ The File is attached and you need to overwrite the item HCCookbooksmoking in Cookbooks.txt, with the following and read the book again ingame to learn the new recipies. item HCCookbooksmoking { Weight = 0.5, Type = Literature, DisplayName = Smoking Cookbook, Icon = HCCookbook, TeachedRecipes = Make Smoker;Fill Smoker;Smoke Meat;Smoke Tofu;Smoke Cheese;Smoke Sausage, ReplaceOnUse = HCCookbooksmoking, } I also created 2 new recipies for the compost, so the "old"vanilla system and your composters can work "together" and materials can be transfered. recipe Take Compost from Compost Bag { Base.CompostBag=1.0, CanBeDoneFromFloor:false, Result:HCCompost=1, NeedToBeLearn:false, Time:30, Category:Farming, OnGiveXP:HCFarming_OnGiveXP, } recipe Pack Compost Bag { HCCompost=4, Base.EmptySandbag, CanBeDoneFromFloor:false, Result:Base.CompostBag, NeedToBeLearn:false, Time:100, Category:Farming, OnGiveXP:HCFarming_OnGiveXP, } Love this Mod, gives me so many ideas. Food Smoked.txt
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    You only mine faster with better mining tools and upgraded mines, what you get is random. Crowbars for example give 3 iron ingots, i also find most of my iron and steel on the recycling path. Some automotive parts like brakes and tanks also give a lot of materials, so you can skill mechanic and gain ressources. Found another smaller bug, you can get infinite tar from a bucket of tar, with emptying and filling it again. Here are the corrected recipies: recipe Fill Mug With Tar { Mugl, HCTar=10, Result:HCTarmug, Time:50, Category:Firecraft, } recipe Fill Bucket With Tar { BucketEmpty, HCTar=30, Result:HCTarbucket, Time:50, Category:Firecraft, } recipe Fill Wooden Bucket With Tar { HCWoodenbucket, HCTar=30, Result:HCWoodenbuckettar, Time:50, Category:Firecraft, }
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hi, found a small "Bug" in the file timetracker_definitions.lua. Hemp wasn't growing, this needs to replace the hemp part: --HCHempbudfresh ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempsmall"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempsmall"]["Life"] = 72.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempsmall"]["TurnInto"] = "Hydrocraft.HCPottedhemp"; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhemp"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhemp"]["Life"] = 72.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhemp"]["TurnInto"] = "Hydrocraft.HCPottedhempready"; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempready"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempready"]["Life"] = 48.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HCPottedhempready"]["TurnInto"] = "Hydrocraft.HCPottedhempdead"; The Image for Pottet Orange trees and Ready Pottet Orange trees is missing and Cornplants on fields produce White Corn and Corn Seeds, not Corn and Corn Seeds, can be fixed like that in farming_vegetableconf.lua: -- Corn (12 to 16 weeks to grow) farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"] = {}; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].seedsRequired = 10; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].texture = "vegetation_farming_01_78"; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].waterLvl = 35; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].waterLvlMax = 85; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].timeToGrow = ZombRand(50,55); farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].minVeg = 3; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].maxVeg = 6; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].minVegAutorized = 10; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].maxVegAutorized = 15; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].vegetableName = "Base.Corn"; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].seedName = "Hydrocraft.HCCornseeds"; farming_vegetableconf.props["Corn"].seedPerVeg = 3; In my game i changed the planting, harvest and removing times on planters to 1/10, still works fine. 30 min to grab a bunch of carrots and so on is to much, if you ask me. Edit: in plantsGrowing.lua in function recipe_NDPlantsHarvest(items, result, player) Date and Fig are missing a ready in theyr names. So they can be harvested but have no result atm. Edit2: IStrellisMenu.lua ISTrellisMenu.haveSeed is an typo, HCBellpepper needs to be replaced with HCBellpepperred, for the seeds and the package. Edit3: Just a small Typo in gardening ND.txt, the wrong icon was defined, here is the correct one. item HCPottedgrapevineready { Weight = 5, Type = Normal, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, DisplayName = Ready Potted Grape Vine, icon = HCPottedgrapevineready, ResizeWorldIcon = 1.0, }