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  1. Help Me Please! I have a bug to report...

    well,my friend, so far I have nothing happened that I have reported for a week? Well, anyway, thanks for helping me
  2. Help Me Please! I have a bug to report...

    Hello again, thanks for answering, I think nobody has answered me for a long time: Well, do not contact me with the creator Nolan Ritchie, but I will do it right now, in part thanks for your answer, if you can get another piece of information please send me a message, Thanks. PD: Please if you know Nolan Ritchie's steam account, can you please send it to me?
  3. Help Me Please! I have a bug to report...

    Hello, I recently wanted to say this to other communities but since they do not answer, I came to this. This is my bug: I was playing quietly in Project Zomboid, I had my shelter, food, weapons. And, as I am in version 38.59 I think, (the one that comes with cars) and I think of going to a warehouse that was not so far away. And since I had a car, I went, took everything and went back to my house. And my bug happened: ALL my things disappeared, including the curtains. Before leaving my house, a zombie wanted to enter and broke a window, and that same window was as before. And on top of that, new items were added to my kitchen, room, etc. All my things disappeared, please, If you read this, and you know what the problem is, leave it down in comments please, I can not play Project Zomboid If my things disappear. PS: I was not confused at home, it was the same. PS: I have built-in mods, but only Super Survivors, Necro Forge, Custom TT Mod, ORGM, ORGM silencer, ORMG necro and NecroForge Plugins. Please Help Me!!