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  1. By default in 41.54, VHS tapes only spawn in CrateVHSTapes, LivingRoomShelf(with tape, small chance. Other living room shelves have a no tape list) or MovieRentalShelves (not even sure these are spawning). The result is that finding movies is very, very rare. This mod aims to fix that. VHS tapes can spawn in: Very Likely (factor of 10) GigamartHouseElectronics ElectronicStoreMisc CrateElectronics StoreShelfElectronics Somewhat likely (factor of 4/3) ElectronicStoreMusic PostOfficeMagazines PostOfficeNewspapers ShelfGeneric OfficeDeskHome Locker BookstoreMisc SchoolLockers Rarely (factor of 1) KitchenRandom LockerClassy BedroomDresser ClassroomMisc FactoryLockers postbox Handbag Bag_SurvivorBag Bag_Schoolbag GloveBox As a "bonus" the fully-closed motorcycle helmet and Football Helmet have a rare chance of spawning in sports stores (SportStorageHelmets). What this all means for the game is that you can find a tape in places you can usually find CDs - in electronic stores, in general stores shelves, in electronic shelves. You can also find them in the mail, in post boxes, in handbags, glove compartments and books stores. Hope this holds until we have VHS stores in the game. More Tapes Spawn.7z
  2. Verify/Repair in Galaxy's Manage installation submenu for zomboid. It should force the update - that's how I did it anyway. See pic: @nasKoreally loving the update so far. The new zed noises are especially atmospheric when you get inside a house, and the shotgun sounds SO much better. Car sounds are also good when opening and closing, but I do agree the engine sounds can be better - it's better than it was, but still a bit weird. Nice detail on different sounds depending on condition, but would be nice varying sound depending on type (heavy vehicles sounded the same or similar to normal and sports). Zed hitting sound can also use some improvement but overall, fantastic work as always!
  3. Can confirm its through on GOG, thanks a bunch! Looking forward to curved roads but no map changes makes my life easier for now.
  4. Awesome, was expecting this. Did curved roads make the cut? Eagerly waiting for GOG to release it in the IWBUMS channel.
  5. You woke up. Zombies are outside. The apocalypse is here. Wait - where is "here", exactly? The purpose of this mod is to help with navigation. Currently in the vanilla game there are a few road signs near a few localities but they are easy to miss - and you get no help if that happens. If you forget your spawn city, or if you spawn in a trailer park, chances are you have no idea where you are. Veteran players will have an easier time but I still find myself getting lost. Without a "whole game world map" map mod, the best way to navigate is to use the Project Zomboid Map Project - very useful, but can spoil natural discovery, and is currently a bit outdated. Using a minimap or GPS mod can also be "vanilla unfriendly" so I made this mod. Currently, not a lot! What this mod adds is a small, "current location" indicator in the screen. It appears and disappears when pressing the letter 'M' (in my UK keyboard at least, hopefully in all keyboard layouts) and it shows where you are, if it's one of the currently supported locations. This is what the mod looks like in-game as of version 0.1. Just a small white text telling you where you are. I'm assuming you passed through a few road signs on your way here and still remember where you are, right? Currently, 17 supported locations are present in the mod. When you arrive near them, your "current location" is updated to show where you are. These locations are: Crossroads Mall Dixie Trailer Park Ekron March Ridge McCoy Logging Company Muldraugh Muldraugh Industrial Park Muldraugh Railyard Riverside Riverside Country Club Riverside Industrial Park Rosewood Rosewood Bus Station Rosewood Penitentiary Scenic Grove Trailer Park Valley Station West Point The "current location" indicator will show "outskirts" for any non-defined areas. If you are deep in the forest or that farm upstate, or if you are in a city from a map mod, you will have no clue where you are. Using a heavily modified (read: my code is spaghetti) Coordinate Viewer lua code (all credit to RoboMat & Turbotutone (& Mist)) I define areas based on X and Y coordinates. Once you step inside one of pre-defined area "squares" (sometimes rectangles) your location is updated and shown. If you step out, you are back in the "outskirts". Areas are usually a bit bigger than their built area and usually encompass a bit of the highway/local road, so the player has a better idea when to turn and enter the city. What I would like is to make the mod more visual. That means "road signs" in the UI instead of a small text telling where you are. Here's an example of how that would look like: Art not final. That's NOT how the mod currently looks. The second thing would be to add signs to crossroads, T-intersections and roads in general - things these roads have (except maybe the very small rural roads). This way the player would be able to know where they are going - without using the online map. Art not final. That's NOT how the mod currently looks. Arrows could be a problem in an isometric view. Maybe cardinal directions would work better? To do that I need to unlock the secrets of adding custom images through lua (or kahlua in this case) - I know the excellent Horizon Clock mod does it but I'm so shit at Lua I can't figure it all out. One day, maybe. Something else that would be nice is figuring out how to use the game "zones" in this mod - so if you are deep in the forest, it would tell you. If you are in the rural lands, it would tell you. It could also mean making things more "dynamic" so we could have "Riverside (Industrial)" as a region and add dynamic, generic support for map mods. No one really asked me anything, just trying to anticipate questions here. Q: Any known conflicts? A: Not that I know of. It might conflict with any mod that uses Coordinate Viewer code but I'm not sure. Tried my best to differentiate so they wouldn't clash, but I'm shit at Lua. Q: Are you adding this to the Steam Workshop? A: Not in a million years. I own the game on GoG, not on Steam. I don't have access there and I'm forced to pirate mods from Steam. Q: Can I use this in my mod? A: Yes! Feel free to. Just remember to credit RoboMat & Turbotutone since I'm mostly basing my code on theirs. Q: Can I add this mid-game? A: Yep, should be safe to add and/or remove mid game. Q: How to disable the "current location" indicator? A: Press M on your keyboard. At least that's the key in the UK keyboard layout. Hopefully, it is the same key your keyboard layout too. Pressing M again will show the current location again. Q: How to install this mod? A: Unpack the AWTY folder in your [your OS drive letter]:\Users\[yourusernamehere]\Zomboid\mods Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. If you know Lua and can help me improve my code or add images so this mod is prettier, feel free to post it here. Hope this helps somebody! AWTY.zip
  6. Is the IWBUMS coming to GoG? Because it's certainly not in the GoG IWBUMS channel.
  7. I highly doubt the mod will appear with the mod author gone.
  8. Really nice. Can't wait for it to land on GOG.
  9. Hey Woldren, that seems like a fantastic work. Thank you for this. Any chance of you putting up non-steam workshop links for the gog users out there?
  10. Thank you very much Fernys_Wolf!
  11. Any word when GOG users will get the latest IWBUMS or stable release?
  12. Hey FilibusterRhymes, would it be too much trouble to ask you to upload this mod and Smaller Cars to a direct download site like Google Drive, Mega or Mediafire ? I ask this because I have the GOG version and the Steam Workshop works like a walled garden - we get stuck with outdated versions that someone else was kind enough to upload. Though you seem to imply in the workshop that there's a need to use the latest IWBUMS and GOG has a channel for that but it doesn't update to the latest version, sadly. But in the future when 0.40 is released I will be able to use it!
  13. Does the convert system do only props like campfires or does it also work with stuff like garage doors (converted in functional doors)? What about closed barrels?
  14. zakarum

    Defecation v1.2

    Thanks for this Nater, it's definitively a worth addition. I'm always in favor for more "simulation" or "realism" in games like this. A few questions/suggestions though. I don't know how hard it is but have you thought about making it a moodlet (could even re-use the vanilla "hungry" one) that simple says "need to go to the toilet" with variations such as "slight need, somewhat urgent need and urgent need?" It would be a bit more realistic than knowing exactly how much you are ready to go, solves the "need" to add urinating and removes the need to sometimes check a separate window. Seamless integration of a new necessity. Could do the same with diarrhea, but you could just rename it to "food poisoning" to make it more generic. Could start with "queasy", progress to "nauseous" and end up with the "food poisoning" moodlet. It would add a bit to the tension, not knowing what you have for a while. Second thing, I do agree with Bejasc and being able to interact with bathrooms instead of them being a dead zone in your house would be nice. Maybe possible other bodies of water too, such as rivers. But I think you'd still need sheets or toilet paper when using the bathroom, just less than when doing open defecation. One possibility to make things simpler would simple be to make it so toilets are recharged with TP or ripped sheets, so you don't need to haul it with you everywhere. There should be an option to defecate, in the option or toilet, without TP or anything else, but that would make you sadder and increase chances of getting food poisoning (maybe even with cooked food, if possible). Using toilets do create a problem though, which is the huge amount of water we use for flushing. I never tried myself but I hear that, in game, if you put a rain collector directly above a sink it will work again, which is nice but for toilets a barrel would be probably good for a few flushes before it runs out. So the suggestion would be to jury-rig a few rain collectors together in an upper floor to create an improvised water tower/water tank. I know that in a few poorer countries, and countries that have trouble with water, they build houses with plastic or ceramic water tanks in the upper floors (the attic, just below the roof tiles) that store a set amount of water and is used through the house. Usually they get refilled with a pump but since you can open them to clean them, I guess in PZ you could just leave them open. This would also make so any sink in the house would be usable, and could also be used in the "showering and personal hygiene" suggestions, which I also support. For showers, as mentioned previously, I agree it would be nice if there was a need for that too. A moodle for when you are getting dirty, with sweat-inducing activities such as chopping wood, carrying a heavy-load, running long times from zombies or being drenched in zombie guts quickly filling it. The dirtiness would tick slowly otherwise so not doing much running or heavy-work, like just sitting and reading would mean you probably could get away (and would be desirable to save water) without showering for a day, probably for a few, but a week without cleaning yourself would be too much. Maybe not using TP could increase your "dirtiness" instead of making you sad, so you'd need to shower sooner and both "mods" would fit nicely in a personal hygiene mod. High dirtiness would carry the increased risk of getting food poisoning when eating, even cooked meat, and could you make you a bit sad over time in high levels. It would be nice to have water as a resource that needs to be divided between thirst and hygiene, carefully rationed. You might end up alive but during dry spells or cold months without any water to shower or using the toilet for days, further complicating the player's life and encouraging less sweaty-work (while also encouraging running only in emergency situations/with abundance of water). It certainly would be less annoying than managing electricity once it goes out (especially since you can't salt food meat and pickling vegetables destroy lids). Final request: If it wouldn't be too much trouble, please, always keep a non-steam download for the mod. As a GOG owner of PZ, steam workshop only acts as a walled garden for modders beautiful creations.
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