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  1. Is the IWBUMS coming to GoG? Because it's certainly not in the GoG IWBUMS channel.
  2. zakarum

    Enhanced Armor Mod

    I highly doubt the mod will appear with the mod author gone.
  3. Really nice. Can't wait for it to land on GOG.
  4. Hey Woldren, that seems like a fantastic work. Thank you for this. Any chance of you putting up non-steam workshop links for the gog users out there?
  5. Thank you very much Fernys_Wolf!
  6. Any word when GOG users will get the latest IWBUMS or stable release?
  7. Hey FilibusterRhymes, would it be too much trouble to ask you to upload this mod and Smaller Cars to a direct download site like Google Drive, Mega or Mediafire ? I ask this because I have the GOG version and the Steam Workshop works like a walled garden - we get stuck with outdated versions that someone else was kind enough to upload. Though you seem to imply in the workshop that there's a need to use the latest IWBUMS and GOG has a channel for that but it doesn't update to the latest version, sadly. But in the future when 0.40 is released I will be able to use it!
  8. Does the convert system do only props like campfires or does it also work with stuff like garage doors (converted in functional doors)? What about closed barrels?
  9. zakarum

    Defecation v1.2

    Thanks for this Nater, it's definitively a worth addition. I'm always in favor for more "simulation" or "realism" in games like this. A few questions/suggestions though. I don't know how hard it is but have you thought about making it a moodlet (could even re-use the vanilla "hungry" one) that simple says "need to go to the toilet" with variations such as "slight need, somewhat urgent need and urgent need?" It would be a bit more realistic than knowing exactly how much you are ready to go, solves the "need" to add urinating and removes the need to sometimes check a separate window. Seamless integration of a new necessity. Could do the same with diarrhea, but you could just rename it to "food poisoning" to make it more generic. Could start with "queasy", progress to "nauseous" and end up with the "food poisoning" moodlet. It would add a bit to the tension, not knowing what you have for a while. Second thing, I do agree with Bejasc and being able to interact with bathrooms instead of them being a dead zone in your house would be nice. Maybe possible other bodies of water too, such as rivers. But I think you'd still need sheets or toilet paper when using the bathroom, just less than when doing open defecation. One possibility to make things simpler would simple be to make it so toilets are recharged with TP or ripped sheets, so you don't need to haul it with you everywhere. There should be an option to defecate, in the option or toilet, without TP or anything else, but that would make you sadder and increase chances of getting food poisoning (maybe even with cooked food, if possible). Using toilets do create a problem though, which is the huge amount of water we use for flushing. I never tried myself but I hear that, in game, if you put a rain collector directly above a sink it will work again, which is nice but for toilets a barrel would be probably good for a few flushes before it runs out. So the suggestion would be to jury-rig a few rain collectors together in an upper floor to create an improvised water tower/water tank. I know that in a few poorer countries, and countries that have trouble with water, they build houses with plastic or ceramic water tanks in the upper floors (the attic, just below the roof tiles) that store a set amount of water and is used through the house. Usually they get refilled with a pump but since you can open them to clean them, I guess in PZ you could just leave them open. This would also make so any sink in the house would be usable, and could also be used in the "showering and personal hygiene" suggestions, which I also support. For showers, as mentioned previously, I agree it would be nice if there was a need for that too. A moodle for when you are getting dirty, with sweat-inducing activities such as chopping wood, carrying a heavy-load, running long times from zombies or being drenched in zombie guts quickly filling it. The dirtiness would tick slowly otherwise so not doing much running or heavy-work, like just sitting and reading would mean you probably could get away (and would be desirable to save water) without showering for a day, probably for a few, but a week without cleaning yourself would be too much. Maybe not using TP could increase your "dirtiness" instead of making you sad, so you'd need to shower sooner and both "mods" would fit nicely in a personal hygiene mod. High dirtiness would carry the increased risk of getting food poisoning when eating, even cooked meat, and could you make you a bit sad over time in high levels. It would be nice to have water as a resource that needs to be divided between thirst and hygiene, carefully rationed. You might end up alive but during dry spells or cold months without any water to shower or using the toilet for days, further complicating the player's life and encouraging less sweaty-work (while also encouraging running only in emergency situations/with abundance of water). It certainly would be less annoying than managing electricity once it goes out (especially since you can't salt food meat and pickling vegetables destroy lids). Final request: If it wouldn't be too much trouble, please, always keep a non-steam download for the mod. As a GOG owner of PZ, steam workshop only acts as a walled garden for modders beautiful creations.
  10. Vehicles-update related: 781 - Maybe more customization options for cars with the metalworking and mechanics skill - reinforcing parts (or even spiking so hitting zombies cause less damage), replacing windows with metal sheets, removing systems, all costing or adding speed of course. It would also add some synergy between metalworking and mechanic. 782 - Make engines/horns attract more zombies? I've been driving right next to zeds and they don't move much. Same thing for honking with for distant groups of zeds. 783 - If it isn't in already: Road signs more than just "stop" signs. Sings for nearby gas stations and cities, restaurants, malls and other "public" buildings. Distance to other cities and direction - the kind of stuff that's standard in roads. 784 - Functional garage doors and the option to build an equivalent for your base (it would be much easier to raid that warehouse if you can actually use their garage doors, park inside and hole up while you fill the car). Now that we have vehicles I think that's a bit urgent. 785 - Some use for concrete - we could pave garages for the cars, since off-road damages cars. Unrelated to the vehicles update 786 - Option to reopen non-full or partially-filled graves. (I filled a grave once, accidentally, that was 0/0). 787 - Option to bury trash/items. A lot of times tons of items I don't want to use just end up lying around. 788 - Ability to make regular stones in chipped stones with a hammer. 789 - Ability of cleaning grass from concrete/roads. 790 - Building locks for doors so you can lock/unlock any door you build. 791 - There got to be a better way to stockpile stuff so you know where stuff is. Maybe use paint to paint symbols in crates? 792 - Vital: try to end the fragmentation of the modding community that steam workshop integration brought. With steam workshop downloader sites not working for PZ, and for people like me that have a DRM-free version, we are basically locked out of somew mods. Also reinforcing 770. The ability of picking up barels, opening them to store water or using them to store fuel would be a given.
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