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  1. Absolutely. And while we're at it, so should shotgun pellets.
  2. I would also support a special hotkey to press to have your character automatically dress their wounds with new bandages, instead of having to go into the health menu to do it. Or right click your character and select 'replace bandages'. Or maybe a button in the health menu that says something like 'Auto-bandage' to replace them, if the devs still want you to go into the health screen. And if you wanted to take a closer look at the wounds, you can still remove them manually. Maybe stitching lacerating wounds, for example, or applying a cotton-ball doused with antiseptic.
  3. I agree, cold and heat tolerance and acclimation is a very real and predictable thing. Your PC presumably isn't a foreigner, so they should already be rather used to the cold and the heat, but it would be interesting to select a background trait to push you one way or the other. Having it tie in to the 'outdoorsman' trait would make sense. Reminds me of when I moved from the high-altitude Appalachian mountain range in North Carolina to the desert of Arizona when I was a kid. I never truly got used to the heat, but I see people in 110+ Fahrenheit (43 Celsius for you dapper lads across the pond) degree weather riding bikes and running on the sidewalk all the time.
  4. Makes sense to me. Barbed baseball bats and zombie apocalypses just seem to mesh together too well to leave this out.
  5. First off, I edited in another paragraph into my post, maybe look at that. Are you sure water towers pump directly from the river? I'm almost certain they can only pump in 'clean' water, or else it'd be a massive public health issue. Or at least it's theoretically supposed to be clean, but that's more due to piping issues than because they literally pump from the river.
  6. I kind of agree, I like long-term survival projects like this. That scene in The Last of Us where the large group of survivors that camped out inside of a hydroelectric dam, finally getting to run again after years of hard work and finding the right parts, was pretty satisfying to watch. But due to the nature of the zombie outbreak as depicted in this game, it's just never going to be feasible as 'refuel generator, turn on switch to activate water reservoir pump, free water forever.' The difference between this game and that scene from TLoU was that the survivors in that dam consisted of engineers who permanently live there and are around to keep it running. There is ridiculous scale to how water is cleaned and shuffled around by the hundreds of thousands of gallons every single day. You couldn't possibly hope to accomplish such a task without a huge group of people with the knowledge of how to not only do it, but you also now have the arduous task of having to make sure it stays on. Maintenance around the clock. It can't just be a 'one-and-done' deal, because people in real life make their income ensuring that the water stays on. I'm sure they're rather busy people. However, I get it, it's still possible. There's a lot less people using the water and less strain on the system. Personally I'm not against adding any content, and this is definitely something I feel could be useful to the setting. I can definitely see a group of engineers who decide to camp out in a water plant and ensure the surrounding area gets their water, using that as leverage and gaining power. I'm not sure why The Walking Dead didn't already make a group like that, some group of 'water barons' that hold all of the power due to their engineering knowledge. I'm just not sure PZ is the place for such a scenario.
  7. Never seen it happen either. And now I want it to happen.
  8. I have to say I haven't had any problem stomping zombie heads. I did at first when it was harder to orient the character correctly, but they've solved those issues. Now you can just jog right up and stomp a head in no problem. I do find it a bit weird that you can kill a zombie with a single stomp to the head but struggle to kill a zombie with a single swing to the head with a heavy weapon like an axe or baseball bat. I'm hoping they increase weapon damage across the board one day for those weapons.
  9. I always thought PZ would eventually reach the point where dealing with illness is a very real threat to long term survival. We all know that doctors are going to be in high demand once the apocalypse happens. This makes total sense.
  10. I'm getting flashbacks to when Rick and his group in TWD went to the CDC. Such a good episode. How could I say no to science? I support this.
  11. I think discussing difficulty drops that happen when you eventually set up farms and rain collectors is a moot point at the moment. To my understanding, eventually the zombies are supposed to receive proper horde AI and your base will periodically have to deal with huge swarms of thousands of zombies moving through the area, possibly forcing you to have to vacate it unless you can be quiet enough to not be seen or heard. So long-term survival becomes something of a gamble and the game's 'director' will keep things fresh and exciting. Also: NPCs. Since at the moment you can just clear the zombies around some house at the edge of a town (we all have a few 'safespot locations' we've memorized) and then basically live there indefinitely by making a roof farm and importing the furniture you need, the only difficulty comes from whether or not you can find enough seed packets and fuel to keep your numerous freezers running. But that's not going to last forever. Personally I think the farms work just fine, as does foraging. If you want more difficulty at the moment, you're going to have to play differently.
  12. Player made is always a great idea. Or are you too afraid people will spraypaint penises in their singleplayer game where they can mod in whatever they want?
  13. Something wicked this way comes.
  14. Yeah, I want to hold left click and make my character look in the direction the mouse is. Wouldn't be hard, would save a lot of the awkwardness when sneaking around and having stand straight up again just to look 60 degrees to my left.
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